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Friday, August 12, 2011

Emmy - Another Success Story!

Emmy was brought into the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley on July 9, 2011 from Leech Lake.  When I took her out of her kennel at Leech Lake to get her prepared for the ride to the Cities, I immediately fell in love with the big brown girl.  I quickly discovered her soulful eyes and her very sweet, gentle personality.

Emmy’s three puppies (Ellie, Elsa and Eddie) were old enough to be weaned but still very much wanted to nurse from their momma.  When I closed Emmy in her own kennel for the ride to the Cities, I would swear she gave me a grateful look before she curled up into a ball and fell asleep.



Emmy was a very timid girl and spent some time in a program at AHS specifically designed for shy/fearful dogs.  Emmy did very well in the program and was then put up for adoption.

Emmy was on the adoption floor for almost a month where she was passed over again and again until one day last week, Emmy was chosen to be WCCO’s Pet of the Week.

She was featured on WCCO’s Pet of the Week on Friday, August 5.  She was adopted the very next day!  (Click on the link above to see the video of Emmy's TV debut.)

A big thank you to WCCO for helping Emmy find her forever home and to the Animal Humane Society for their ongoing efforts in helping the dogs on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.

See you all soon.


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