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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

George update: yes .. heaven on earth!!

On June 30, 2012 a sweet yellow lab mix boy whom we named George arrived on a transport from Leech Lake Reservation. He was a part of the Leech Lake Legacy G3 transport ... every transport we have we name our animals with the same letter of the alphabet. The G3 transport means we were on our third time around the alphabet. George was one of a large transport of other dogs and cats from Leech Lake Reservation. But yes, there was something very special about this boy. He arrived looking sad and a face swollen from quills in his face. The staff at the St. Paul Animal Humane Society/AHS did a wonderful job welcoming George. The vets at AHS removed whatever quills they were able to remove and sent him to a foster home so that he would have time to heal and recover. They also learned he needed some dental work done so they completed some dental work for the boy and then he was placed up for adoption  ... but poor George waited and waited and waited at the shelter and no one came to take him home. After a couple months he started to go stir crazy in a large shelter environment so we discussed moving the sweet boy to another one of our partners in a much smaller shelter, Morrison County Animal Humane Society in Little Falls, MN. In September, 2012 the sweet boy hitched a ride with Jenny (Leech Lake Legacy co-founder) to Morrison County Animal Humane Society/MCAHS where he got lots of one-on-one attention ... he also became best friends with Naomi, daughter of the executive director of MCAHS.
George when he arrived in June, 2012

On October 6, 2012 George came to hang out at the MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare) annual super adoption event, aka The Great Minnesota Pet Together. Leech Lake Legacy also had a booth at the event and we were blessed to see George and his best bud Naomi. It was clear he was a very, very happy boy :)

Shortly after the super adoption event, George struck gold and was adopted by the most wonderful family ... we recently received an update on George and had to share what his new mom Vicki G. has to say about George ....

"He is a wonderful dog. It is hard to believe how fast he has adapted to our family and is so smart and loyal  for what he went through, I have a few more pics of him playing and resting. The papers we got on him from the shelters, no one knew if he would be good around little children. I have 6 of them and he loves each one. He is their protector and follows them everywhere. When they spend the night George never stays in our room but goes and lays at the foot of their bed or on the rug beside the bed till morning when we get up. I honestly don't think I could have gotten a better behaved and loyal dog if I tried raising one myself.  He was house broken and never has had a accident in the house. He is allowed to sit in  one chair, a recliner that is strictly his and does not even try to go on other furniture. He also has a big dog pillow in the living room he lays on.  We have 23 acres here and he loves to run and play with the kids and chase squirrels. He is the best companion ever to all of our family. Everyone loves George. I will send some more photos in next email.  Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives ...
George and Naomi (October, 2012)

.... Oh I forgot to tell you he loves to swim. Last fall he had a blast in the river. The Crow Wing River runs along our back yard. It is shallow most the year here except early spring. Last fall the deepest area was like just above my knees and the geese come every year. Oh my gosh he loved to chase and tease them. He doesnt really try to hurt them he just likes to make a big splash and get them to fly and then they come back and squack at him and he does it again a few times. Then he loses interest and finds a squirrel or two to chase up a tree. We have plenty of them around. We like to camp,hike and go tubing so this summer he will get to go with us and try out all of the things and places we go." Vicki G.

Thank you Vicki (and your entire family) for giving George such an incredible home ... and thank you to our partner shelters (and a special thanks to Naomi!) for all you did to care and provide for George so that he would have the best chance at finding the perfect home .. and he sure did find the perfect home. 

We love getting updates! And these photos just warm our hearts :)

George with his new family - Christmas, 2012

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kahn update (now Bud): mange no more!

We received the following update from our partner Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We have been seeing more cases of mange and are extremely grateful for our partners who are able to take puppies with mange and treat them.

"Little Kahn arrive at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue/RLRR on the day after Christmas.  What a mess! Kahn had very little hair, and sores all over his body. We're really not sure how this boy survived apparently outdoors in his condition, and perhaps the only survivor of his litter.

Kahn came to RLRR until we could find a place for this boy rescued through Leech Lake Legacy.

Kahn remained in the cat house at RLRR until January 4th and left on transport for a foster home.

We want to thank all the financial supporters, rescues, transporters, and people who find these little pitiful animals, and how they are miraculously transformed with food, medication and tlc! The pictures tell the story!"

Thank you Karen for all you do for the animals of not only Red Lake Reservation, but also the animals of Leech Lake Reservation!!  And a huge thank you to the fosters who take in the Kahns and provide them with all the TLC needed to help them make a full recovery ...
Kahn when he was rescued in December, 2012
Little Kahn had sores all over his body
A happy transformed Kahn (now Bud)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nida Update: surgery #3 to remove quills

Nida with her AHS bud Jenna :)
Remember Nida .... this precious girl arrived on an emergency transport from Leech Lake Reservation on Sunday, 2/3/13 with her brother Newt with a face full of quills. Her brother Newt had quills on his face and throughout his body. We are truly grateful to our partner the Animal Humane Society/AHS for taking Nida and her brother Newt in and for immediately taking them into surgery to remove the quills. Due to the severity of the amount of quills in Newt's body, we unfortunately lost Newt in surgery (RIP sweet boy). Nida, however, recovered and continues to win over hearts with her charming, friendly, loveable personality. She LOVES to give hugs and kisses ...

Nida spent time in a foster home to give her body time to heal and recover from the quills. Oftentimes, quills that are beneath the surface of the skin will migrate and fester out over time. Nida has had two surgeries since she arrived on 2/3 to remove additional quills that migrate outwards. On Thursday she was pulled from the adoption floor to undergo surgery to remove quills in her front leg. We hope the last of the quills are out!! :)

She is recovering and will hopefully be back up for adoption soon! Keep checking the AHS website!! She will make some lucky individual or family very, very happy!!
Nida LOVES to give kisses!!

"and yes friends, this is how you give Humans kisses!!" ~ love, Nida

Nida when she arrived on 2/3
Giving AHS bud Shawn kisses :)