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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A community comes together to give Lou a second chance

Lou at Animal Care Clinic
On January 2, 2014 Rory (Leech Lake CSO) picked up a dog with a severe case mange. He immediately brought the dog (we named him Lou) to our partner Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji. Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has taken many of our pups and treated them for mange ... we are once again extremely grateful for Karen helping us with dogs who come in with mange. In this case, Lou was one who touched the hearts of many, and was obviously in pain.

We received the following note from Karen this morning:

"This story is one of those heartbreaking ones, when you wonder firstly, how this animal survived so far this winter in his condition.  To imagine the suffering Lou went through is not comprehensible to me.

Lou has been starved for months.  His backbone protrudes and each rib can be counted.  He has no coat, as he is generally covered with demodex mange and bleeding infected sores pretty much all over his frail body.  The only thing large on this boy is his head.  In his eyes you see sadness, misery,  and pain as he seems to look down when you approach him.  But there is a glimmer in his eye now.

Lou was found on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation last week.  He went to the Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji and Saturday was transferred to the Red Lake Rosie’s Shelter where he is kept in the heated cathouse.  Lou is being fed small meals at regular intervals and is on ivermectin, antibiotics, and vitamins.  Lou loves his food
and is so happy when he gets a bowl.

The rest of the day Lou rests peacefully and seems to know that he will be cared for now.  Hopefully the memory of the months of freezing bitter cold and the gnawing pain of hunger will pass and he will have a speedy recovery and a home where he will be loved and never have to suffer again.

Lou reluctantly goes outdoors to do his business and has not had an accident in the cathouse yet.  Lou is indifferent to the other dogs at the shelter and mainly just wants to toilet and hurry back in to the warm comforts of his favorite easy chair.

We are so thankful that the Leech Lake companion animals have the Leech Lake Legacy program without which Lou would not have this second chance.  A big thank you to Rory for finding Lou, to Jenny and Marilou for getting him help at the Animal Care Clinic and transferring him to our care at Red Lake Rosie’s.  Thank you to all the supporters of our cooperative rescues.  We are expecting Lou to have a full recovery and live the life he was meant to live.

We are hopeful that one of the rescues will consider taking Lou in the future to find him a forever home. I have discovered that there is no better feeling than to feed a hungry animal. 

Sincerely, Karen"

Update from tonight:

We learned that Minnesota Pitbull Rescue will be taking Lou into their program and that Dr. Vickie of Act V Rescue will be providing medical care and a special feeding program for starved animals.

This has truly been another collaborative effort of so many organizations (Leech Lake Tribal Police, Animal Care Clinic, Leech Lake Legacy, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, MN Pitbull Rescue, Act V Rescue) coming together to help Lou … chi miigwech to all for giving Lou the second chance he so deserves!

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