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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dakota (fka Fabiola) ... update from one of our early transports

Fabiola (now Dakota) when she arrived on 7/16/11
We are truly, truly grateful when we get updates  from families who have adopted a Leech Lake Reservation animal. Fabiola (now Dakota) was one of our early transports. She arrived on our July 16, 2011 transport. As it turns out, one of our board members, Sandra, recently learned that one of her co-workers adopted a Leech Lake pup from the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society in July, 2011. They did some digging around on our flickr site and found the link to the July 16, 2011 transport where Fabiola was one of many arriving on transport (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mchanrasmi/sets/72157627223313520/). We got an update on this sweet girl (now named Dakota) from her new family:

Attached is a picture I took back in July. We were enjoying a beautiful summer day together at Lake Harriet. 

Dakota with her new family - summer, 2013

We adopted Fabiola/Dakota at the end of July 2011. When we went to visit her at the Golden Valley Humane Society she looked depressed, and she was in rough shape. She had some mange and kennel cough. Overall she looked down in the dumps and needed a second chance in life.  A few weeks after adopting her, we could start to see a transformation taking place. She started to feel more comfortable about her surroundings. Her personality soon started to show.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible and brought Dakota into our lives. We are very appreciative!

Chris and Sarah

Thank you Chris and Sarah for giving Dakota such a loving home, and thank you for the update on this precious girl.

Transport from Leech Lake arrives on 7/16/2011

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