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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ituha (strong and sturdy oak) – Safe journeys sweet girl

On Tuesday, 12/10/13 Rory (Leech Lake CSO) picked up a young shepherd mix (we named her Ituha which means ‘strong and sturdy oak’) who was in horrible shape and in obvious pain. She was immediately taken to Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji where she was given pain meds and a warm swirling bath to try to raise her body temperature, and also gave her subQ fluids as she was extremely dehydrated. Ituha had a very severe case of mange. When she arrived she was so cold that her body temperature would not even register on the thermometer. We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Animal Care Care (a special thanks to Allyson and Jess) for all they did to keep Ituha comfortable. With a warm swirling bath they were able to raise her body temperature back to normal, and she ate a little and drank.

It is with a very heavy heart I share with you that Ituha has crossed over to the spirit world this morning. As much as it breaks my heart it gives me comfort to know she is no longer suffering and that she is free from pain. Ituha must’ve known that she was safe and warm and loved … and that it was finally okay to set her spirit free from her body. I posted her photo and story on facebook yesterday, and am touched by the overwhelming response from everyone. Thank you for your prayers, your positive thoughts and your healing energy. I imagine Ituha being carried and supported by the loving energy of an entire community … and as she set her spirit free she has left a mark forever in each and every one of our hearts.

Ituha will not be forgotten … she is being cremated and her ashes will be sent to us. We will be having a prayer circle in her honor … and we will invite a community to come together to honor this amazing spirit who has touched the hearts of many and will inspire a community to hold hands and hearts so that we can continue to work together to help her friends at Leech Lake Reservation so that no living being ever has to go through the suffering and pain she had to endure.

Safe journeys sweet Ituha … as we look up into the night skies tonight, we know you will be the brightest star out there. And I am sure Ahnung (the fire and inspiration behind Leech Lake Legacy), who crossed over to the spirit world on August. 25, 2013, was there welcoming you ….

Rest well sweet Ituha ....

Marilou - Leech Lake Legacy Co-Founder
(on behalf of Leech Lake Legacy)

The loss of Ituha has touched so many of us deeply. It has brought to light an urgent need in current frigid temperatures to provide support and assistance to injured and sick animals, and those unable to fend for themselves. If you live on Leech Lake Reservation and are aware of any injured or sick animal, please call us at 612.437.9073 or email us at leechlakelegacy@gmail.com. 
Ituha finally able to rest after receiving loving care from the staff at Animal Care Clinic

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