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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Audrae Diestler leaves a Legacy of Love through Terri Hill

Audrae with her beloved dogs: Nikki and Shandy
Leech Lake Legacy/LLL was blessed a little over a year ago, when Terri Hill over heard a conversation regarding an upcoming Puppy Round Up at Leech Lake Reservation, and reached out to meet Jenny Fitzer, Program Director of Leech Lake Legacy who was organizing the Round Ups. The next day, we invited Terri to meet a transport arriving at the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society. From that day in October, 2012, Terri has become a core part of the LLL team and is one of the most dedicated and tireless advocates for the animals and the work of LLL. Last week, Terri lost a very special person in her life, her aunt Audrae. Audrae passed away at the age of 91, peacefully, in her sleep. She was a huge lover of animals. Terri's son Jesse wrote, "She was truly a role model for everyone in our family .... with a kind heart, generous spirit, exceptional intelligence, great sense of humor, who lived life the way it was meant to be lived. She touched the hearts of everyone who has been lucky enough to know her and we are all better people for experiencing the wonderful person she was." Terri surprised the Leech Lake Legacy board last night by informing us that she was purchasing a cargo van and would be donating the van to LLL in honor of her aunt Audrae. Today, Terri and Jenny went to the dealership and at 3 pm this afternoon drove off the dealership with Leech Lake Legacy's new transport vehicle, "Audrae. We are naming the vehicle Audrae, and her spirit will live on in the hundreds (make that thousands) of animals she will be transporting as they make their way to the next stage of their journey in finding their own forever homes, and in transporting supplies (dog houses, crates, food, etc.) from the Twin Cities to northern Minnesota.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Terri, and thank you aunt Audrae for the incredibly generous gift of a transport van for Leech Lake Legacy!!

Jenny is in heaven with the new LLL cargo van!!
"Audrae" will be taking her first trip to Motley to meet up with Nancy/Tom O (transport volunteers for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Leech Lake Legacy) this Saturday .. supplies will be heading up north, and dogs/cats from Red Lake and Leech Lake will be making their way to the cities.

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