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Saturday, August 9, 2014

An evening with Diana Webster, President/Founder of Native America Humane Society

Leech Lake Legacy is excited to welcome
Diana Webster, President/Founder of 

Date: Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Skyridge Center and Nature Preserve
5800 Baker Road
Minnetonka, MN

Come hear Diana share a few words:

- Managing Stray dog and feral horse populations on tribal lands
- Learn more about Native America Humane Society/NAHS and Diana's vision
and plan to bring native and non-native stakeholders together to find solutions 
for the challenges facing Native Communities in humanely managing
their animal population
- Learn more about the emerging collaboration of NAHS and Leech Lake Legacy

Space is Limited so register early.

Registration fee: $20
[Registration fee waived for tribal members. Email info@leechlakelegacy.org]

Qty - Tickets

Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

Questions: info@leechlakelegacy.org

Coming together to improve the lives of animals and people of Native communities:

NAHS Mission:
To restore the Native tradition of honoring all beings by providing information, support and resources to animal protection programs in Indian Country.

LLL's Vision:
Envisioning a world where every reservation dog and cat is well cared for.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Little Nibi ... The will to survive!

Little Nibi arrived on transport on 7/26/14
On Friday, 7/25/14 we received a call from a resident of Leech Lake Reservation. He found a kitten laying on his driveway with a big gash on her side. He drove Little Nibi to Cass Lake to meet up with LLL volunteers Nancy and Eileen who happened to be at the impound cleaning and walking the dogs. Nibi was immediately taken to our partner Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji where they sewed her back up. The vet believes the gash was most likely caused by a hawk or eagle.

On Saturday, little Nibi came down to the cities. We had nowhere for the sweet girl to go but new we had to bring her down. We are grateful to Leech Lake Legacy board member, Sandra, for stepping up and agreeing to foster her. She has a long way to go with healing but she is feisty and full of spirit and fire and has an incredibly strong will to survive and live!! :)

On July 28th, Sandra sent the following update:

Nibi went to Kindest Cut today for a follow up visit and is doing well.  She is about 4 weeks old and weighs exactly one pound.  She will go to the vet next week for another follow up visit.  She is still favoring her left rear leg but hopefully that will get better with time and the healing process.  The sutures/staples will have to be in for another week or so.  I had to work today so Jenny came and picked her up for her vet appointment. She has been on a couple of outings with me since I try not to leave her for long periods of time while she is recovering. She is eating and drinking well and is provided with pain management.

At night she sleeps in a crate with everything she needs and I put the crate on a bench right next to my bed so I can hear her if she fusses during the night.  She seems to be sleeping and resting well though. Not that she would get far but I have a fenced yard so I took her outside for some fresh air and some time to walk around in the grass and she seemed to enjoy that. All in all she seems to be doing well considering what she has been through.

And on July 31st, we got the following update:

She is starting to use her left leg a little more so that's a good sign. She is having some diarrhea that started yesterday so I stopped at Kindest Cut after work today to get some sub q fluids so she doesn't get dehydrated and some pyrantel to deworm her. She has discovered the toys in her room and has started to play with one ball in particular. Auntie Terri comes over everyday while I am at work to visit her and make sure she has enough fresh canned food and formula mixture.

She really seems to like her big bed that was donated by Chuck and Don's as I often find her sleeping in there instead of her other bed so I moved her stuffed animals to her big bed. :) It takes a village to raise this precious girl. My Dad commented about how dedicated we all are to make sure that even the tiniest of kittens gets the care and tlc she needs to get better :)

And yesterday (August 1st), she got to spend the day at Kindest Cut for another re-check .... she apparently didn't like to be left alone so the staff let her hang out with them in a shopping cart :)

Nibi supervising (or more likely distracting) Kindest
Cut staff while she spends the day with them
If you would like to stay up-to-date on little Nibi's progress follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeechLakeLegacy

And a big thanks to all who have played a role in making it possible for little Nibi to be given a second chance.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dillinger's long journey continues ...

Handsome Dillinger - 26Jul2014
Dillinger was released to the care of Leech Lake Legacy in May, 2014. He spent about a month at the Animal Humane Society where they took care a lot of his medical needs and surgery to neuter him. We learned he also tested positive for heart worm and AHS was going to treat him for his heart worm but unfortunately Dillinger had some handling issues and was getting a little stressed in a large shelter environment. We decided we need to pull him from a shelter environment and place him in a temp foster home to see how he would do. Dillinger went to spend some time with our amazing temp foster Heidi. He has been with her for the past month.

A couple weeks ago, Leech Lake Legacy reached out to RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota) to see if they would consider taking Dillinger into their foster program. RAGOM's intake manager, Denise, was very open to the idea and asked to meet Dillinger. Well ... let's just say Dillinger wowed Denise with how well behaved he was and how smart he was!! :) RAGOM committed to taking Dillinger and began working on finding a foster who could foster Dillinger through his heart worm treatment. We were contacted last week that they had found a foster for Dillinger.

So today was the big day ... we met at Heidi's house and Dillinger officially became a RAGOM dog. We are told he will be the only dog in his foster home and will have a stay home mom who will be pampering him all day :) A huge thanks to RAGOM for your willingness to take Dillinger AND for treating him for heart worm. And Heidi, it goes without saying .... you are an angel for so many of the animals. It is clear you had a special bond with Dillinger and you have provided him with all he needs to move on to the next stage of his journey.

By all of us working together, we are able to help precious animals like Dillinger.

We will be sure to post updates on Dillinger as we receive them from our partner RAGOM :)

Dillinger and Heidi

Dillinger and Heidi

Dillinger ... a beautiful bond with foster mom Heidi

Dillinger shows Denise how smart he is :)

"where's the cheese???!!" :)
Officially a RAGOM dog!! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mimiteh (means 'new moon') ... her long, healing journey begins

Mimiteh arrives in the cities on 7/23/14
By Marilou Chanrasmi -Co-Founder/President, LLL

On Friday, 7/19 I received a call from Jenny Fitzer, Program Director of LLL. She learned that the Leech Lake Reservation Community Services Office/CSO had picked up an older german shepherd mix with severe mange and taken her directly to our partner vet clinic in Bemidji, Animal Care Clinic. We typically send our adult dogs with mange to our partner, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (in Red Lake Reservation) where Karen Good (founder/ED of Red Lake Rosie's) provides and care and treatment for them till we are able to transfer them to a partner shelter or rescue. Unfortunately, with the overwhelming number of mange and sick animals already in her care, Karen is unable to take Mimiteh. We request for a 4 DX test to be run on Mimiteh and the results come back showing Mimiteh is positive for heart worm, lymes, erhlichiosis and anaplasmosis! She also has sarcoptic mange ... She is an older shepherd (probably close to 10 years old), is malnourished, has no hair on her tail and is continuing to lose hair, and she is very listless.

Leech Lake Legacy does not adopt out, nor do we foster long-term ... we focus our efforts on transporting animals (from Leech Lake and Red Lake reservations) to our partner groups who then vet the animals and place them up for adoption. With our partners being full and at capacity, and no one able to take an older dog with MANY health issues that would be costly to treat, and quite frankly, a big question on whether or not she would even make it, Jenny and I struggle with what we should do. I ask the vet tech at Animal Care Clinic, 'can you tell if she is in pain?' They tell me she seems comfortable but repeat over and over, 'she is in really rough shape.' I flash back to December 13, 2013 when another GSDx, Ituha, was brought into the clinic -- the worse case of mange I have ever seen and literally frozen. We lose Ituha that night and many, many hearts were shattered. But out of that pain, emerged the Ituha Animal Care Project (click here to read more about Ituha and the Ituha Animal Care Project). All I can see is Ituha ..... Jenny and I agree, "we can't give up on her. We have to at least try."

I put a plea out on the Leech Lake Legacy volunteer Facebook group to see if anyone has the ability to create a quarantine area at their house and is able and willing to temp foster Mimiteh so we can bring her down to the cities. Within a couple hours, I receive several emails and one of our volunteers, Melissa, says "I have a spare bedroom I can quarantine her in. I just need a day to move out the bed and staple down a tarp." Our hearts are full of gratitude and we immediately set the wheels in motion to get her down on transport.

Mimiteh arrived on an emergency transport yesterday (Wednesday, 7/23). A huge thanks to Tom O'Sullivan for transporting her all the way to the cities. She was seen by our vet (Dr. Meghann) last night and has begun treatment for her mange (Advantage Multi) and has also begun doxycycline which treats the tick-borne diseases (erhlichiosis, lymes and anaplasmosis) and also provides initial treatment for her heart worm. Blood work has been sent off to the lab so we can see how her other organs are doing. We will hold off on heart worm injections until she has more time to heal and Dr. Meghann knows more about how her other organs are doing. Mimiteh appears to have grinded most of her teeth down .. her tongue hangs to the side as she has no teeth to hold her tongue in place. We often see reservation dogs with teeth in these conditions. Karen at Red Lake Reservation tells us that dogs grind their teeth down on the rocks as they search for food. Melissa (Mimiteh's foster) gave Mimiteh a bath last night and fed her some high quality food (donated by Chuck & Don's). With no teeth, Mimiteh has challenges eating ... I received the following text from Melissa last night, "I mix warm water with dry and one can of wet .. she eats by scooping it up with her bottom jaw and swallowing the food .. I started crying when she was eating. The will to live is amazing."

Mimiteh has a long journey ahead of her. I ask for you to hold her in your heart and to send loving and healing energy her way.

If you are able to help with Mimiteh's care, please consider donating towards her care, and the care of others like Mimiteh.

Dr. Meghann and Mimiteh
Mimiteh with foster mom Melissa :)
Thank you Melissa!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Updated: Flower's pups are adopted!

Flower and her pups - June, 2014
On June 5th, a sweet momma (Flower) and her 6 little pups were transported from Leech Lake to our partner Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth. The pups were still nursing and were too young to be placed up for adoption so off they went to a foster home :)

We just got an update that Flower's pups (Blazing Star, Cinquefoil, Golden Rod, Dogbane, Joe Pye Weed and Honey Suckle) have all been adopted. 4 of them were adopted on the day then went up on the adoption floor and 2 were adopted the next day!! Congrats to the adorable little pups and their families!

Flower is still in foster care and will be given a couple more weeks of individual TLC before she will be spayed then placed up for adoption.

Thank you Animal Allies for taking Flower and her pups in and for being such a great partner! :)

Flowers' pups when they first arrived at Animal Allies

Blazing Star
Blazing Star's new family!
Honeysuckle is adopted!
Dogbane when she arrived - 6/6/14

Dogbane - 7/16/14