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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Medical emergency fund is depleted!

Kiki - first round of quills removed
The voice for the Leech Lake Legacy blog since it began has been my partner-in-crime, Jenny Fitzer, who has been the one who works tirelessly on a daily basis to help every animal she possibly can. I nagged her to start a blog so we could share the stories of these beautiful creatures up at Leech Lake Reservation and surrounding areas who so desperately need for us to give them a second chance and to free them from suffering. Today I write for the first time, because Kiki and her 4 puppies (Kachina, Kai, Koko and Kodiak) need your help and support. We/Leech Lake Legacy need your help. Leech Lake Legacy formed in May, 2011 -- we're a grassroots group of volunteers working in a positive, collaborative and respectful manner with shelters and rescues in Minnesota. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received and our growing network of supporters (individuals and businesses), volunteers, shelters and rescues. Since last May we have been able to give over 600 animals a second chance .. this has only been possible by all of us working together!

On Tuesday night, Jenny received a call from Rory, the Leech Lake Animal Control Officer/ACO. He had picked up an injured mama and her 4 pups. "She has an open wound on her face." A few days ago I shared with Jenny that our medical fund was almost depleted. The goal of Leech Lake Legacy is to partner and work with existing shelters and rescues and to find placement for the animals up at Leech Lake Reservation and surrounding areas. I've had trouble falling asleep lately worrying about the day our medical fund would be completely depleted and we would no longer be able to provide care and treatment for animals suffering and in need of vet care. Jenny receives calls from the Leech Lake ACO when he picks up injured animals ... we have taken in dogs who have been hit by cars, shot, had serious eye injuries or head injuries, and as in the case of Kiki, where her face was filled with quills and open sores. Even though our funds are close to being depleted, Jenny gave the ACO the okay to bring Kiki and her 4 puppies to the Animal Care Clinic. The vet tech tells us Kiki is such a sweet girl ... "the wounds (on her face) are all exit wounds from the quills -- she has major hard swelling -- many are still in there and they are not able to be retrieved and will fester out." They remove as many of the quills as they can and treat her with meds to keep her as comfortable and pain free as possible. Later they check on her 4 pups .. they are wormed and are full of ticks, but otherwise appear to be healthy. We need to keep them at the clinic till they can be transported to the cities on Saturday when Jenny heads up to Leech Lake Reservation (weekly transports take place to transfer animals to shelters and rescues -- a majority of the animals are taken in by the Animal Humane Society (AHS)in Golden Valley, MN. AHS has taken in countless numbers of animals with injuries. The next day when we have additional information on Kiki's injuries and on her pups we email the information to AHS. Not long after we send the email, we get confirmation that AHS can take Kiki and her pups!
Kiki patiently letting the vet tech remove quills

The staff at Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji has been wonderful. They stay in constant communication with me after Kiki and her pups arrive at their clinic .. .sending updates and texting me photos. "Kiki is an absolute sweet heart ... she just laid there patiently when we are pulling quills out of her face ... and the pups, they are all so sweet." We later learn one of the pups has lice so they are all immediately treated for lice. They are all dewormed as the pups have huge bellies probably filled with all kinds of worms. Kiki also has some kind of an injury on her rear right leg. We don't have the funds to authorize an x-ray. I confirm with the vet tech that Kiki is not in any pain from whatever injury or wound she has on her rear back leg. I can only authorize absolutely essential vet care. First and foremost is to ensure they are free from pain and suffering.

So Kiki and her pups will be coming down to the cities and going to AHS on Saturday. The vets at AHS will check Kiki and her pups out thoroughly. For the time being they will stay at the vet clinic where they will be monitored and Kiki will continue to be cared for. We are told that one side of her face is so swollen from the exit wounds from the quills. I continue to be amazed at how sweet these animals are even when they are in so much pain.

The cost of care for taking Kiki and her pups to the clinic will be around $240. The Leech Lake Legacy medical fund is almost depleted. If you are able please consider making a donation. 

There are three ways you can donate:

  • Make a one time donation for any amount you are able to afford ... Click on the 'Donate' button on the right hand side of the Leech Lake Legacy blog.
  • Make a monthly recurring donation of $25/mth (that's less than $1/day). Click on the 'Subscribe' button right below the 'Donate' button on the Leech Lake Legacy blog. You will need a paypal account to do this ... if you don't have a paypal account, it takes less than 5 minutes to set one up. This is a great way to donate, and you can use your credit card to set up the monthly $25 donation.
  • You can also donate on the Leech Lake Legacy Medical Fund Chip In page at: http://leechlakelegacy.chipin.com/leech-lake-legacy-medical-fund
 Please also help us spread the word with your friends, family and colleagues. I smile today knowing that Kiki, Kai, Kachina, Koko and Kodiak are being loved and cared for ... and in a couple days will make the trek to the cities and begin the next stage of their journey to finding their own special forever home. I look forward to the day when these precious 5 pups will be lounging on someone's couch and being pampered and cherished and no longer having to fend for themselves or hunt for their own food.

And if you aren't following the Leech Lake Legacy facebook page, be sure to 'Like' us on facebook. I always post photos and updates on our facebook ... rest assured there will be many photos of Kiki and her pups after the transport arrives on Saturday!!

~ Marilou, Co-founder, Leech Lake Legacy

A huge thank you to those who have donated .. I will keep updating this list ...
from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!
  • Janet Wilkinson
  • Mary Genell
  • Vicki Neumann
  • Bobbi Gruma
  • Chuck Fitzer
  • Sandra Olberding
  • Jessica Smith
  • Barbie Olson 
  • Ahnung 
  • Sharon Samel
  • Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan
  • Merry Sawdey 
  • Anne Vareka 
  • Jessica Hassan