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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Esmerelda helps her friends

Esmerelda - June, 2012
On June 17, 2012 Esmerelda was one of many arriving on transport from Leech Lake Reservation. A resident had contacted Rory, Leech Lake Community Services Officer, that there was a stray dog living in an abandoned house. Rory stopped by every day and on the 7th day he found Esmerelda in the house, sleeping on a couch. She was apparently very happy to see Rory :)

For this particular transport, a groomer in Morrison County offered to bathe all the dogs coming down on transport before they continued on their journey to the Animal Humane Society so Esmerelda got pampered just hours after leaving the Leech Lake Impound. This was also a very full transport and due to the number of animals being transported, it wasn't possible to fit another crate in the vehicle. Much to Esmerelda's delight, she got to ride on Heidi's lap (who was in the passenger seat) from Morrison County to the Buffalo Animal Humane Society/AHS! As usual, there was a big welcoming committee by the staff at Buffalo upon arrival of the transport :)

It turned out that Esmerelda needed to have surgery. Our partner AHS made sure Esmerelda got the care she needed - she had FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery and spent 8 weeks healing, recovering and going through rehabilitation in a foster home. And the best part of all, she quickly got snatched up and adopted by an AHS employee, Melissa! Her new family absolutely adores, loves and pampers her! :)

Yesterday morning, we received a very generous donation from Esmerelda's family, with the following note:

Thank you so much for your generous gift Melissa ... Esmerelda will be helping many of her friends at Leech Lake Reservation through your donation :)

"I got your e-newsletter and wanted to make a gift to LLL for many reasons.

1.       Because we love Esmeralda and she has brought great joy to our house. She is so smart that it is sometimes tricky to stay one step ahead of her when it comes to keeping her from helping herself to anything edible.
2.       I am so impressed with what LLL has been able to accomplish in such a short time. The bringing of people together to help animals is so rewarding for everyone involved – even those of us who are on the sidelines cheering.
3.       I want to see you able to continue to do what you are doing and to do that you need $."

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