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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ASPCA/Live Oak Bank Grant provides transport of 250 animals

Xanti - arrived on the 9/29/13 transport from Leech Lake
In mid-September, we received word from the ASPCA (with funding provided by Live Oak Bank) that we had received a $2,500 grant to assist in the cost of transporting animals from Leech Lake and Red Lake reservations to our partner shelters and rescues. Leech Lake Legacy collaborates and partners with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on transports from northern Minnesota to the cities. Weekly transports often include animals from Red Lake and Leech Lake reservations, Bemidji Impound, Fosston Impound and Roseau Impound.

Between 9/13/2013 and 11/27/13, the grant money has funded 12 transports from Leech Lake and Red Lake reservations and a total of 250 animals (157 dogs/puppies, 91 cats/kittens and 2 ducks)! We are extremely grateful to the ASPCA/Live Oak Bank!

Grant .. not feeling well :(
And today, the final transport funded by the ASPCA/Live Oak Bank grant was for an emergency transport to bring a 12 week old pup named Grant to the cities. The sweet little boy was one of a litter of 3 picked up by Rory, the Leech Lake Community Services Officer last week. All 3 pups had mange so last Saturday were sent up to Red Lake Rosie's in Red Lake Reservation where they were to be treated for mange. On Monday night we got word that Grant was not doing well so we arranged for him to be transported to Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji. Grant tested positive for parvo. The medical staff gave Grant subQ fluids as he had not eaten or had anything to drink in a couple days. We are extremely fortunate that one of our rescue partners Carver Scott Humane Society has an amazing foster, Jean, who takes so many of our pups with parvo and treats them. An emergency mid-week transport was arranged for today, and the final money available from our transport grant was used to help bring the sweet pup from Leech Lake to the cities.

The following is the latest update from Grant's foster mom: "He is feeling pretty crummy. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotic, and sent metoclopramide and antibiotics. He's not eating or drinking and will need more subQ over the  next days." Please keep Grant in your thoughts and prayers, and send lots of healing energy his way.

Chi miigwech/big thanks to ASPCA and Live Oak Bank for making it possible for 250 precious critters to take the next step in their journey to getting the medical/veterinary care they need and to finding their own forever homes.

The following are links to photos from the transports:

September 13, 2013 transport

September 17, 2013 transport

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November 12, 2013 transport

November 22, 2013 transport

Update on Grant from his foster mom on 11/29/13 which was posted on our facebook page:

A wonderful update on Grant from foster mom Jean of Carver Scott Humane Society: "Grant is doing very well. We can reduce the subQ fluids to once a day starting tomorrow. He will be on a low residue diet, and remain in the warm quarantine room for another week. He's over the worst part of the parvo virus  Thank you Leech Lake Legacy, Karen Good, Animal Care Clinic Bemidji, the volunteer transport drivers, and all who sent prayers and positive energy to help Grant. He is alive today because of all of you. He will also continue on antibiotics and metoclopramide. The parvo pups often develop respiratory symptoms (similar to kennel cough) during their recovery from parvo. This is why it's important to keep giving antibiotics." What uplifting news to end the week. Thank you so much Jean for all you have done, and continue to do for Grant  and thank you to ASPCA and Live Oak Bank for funding this emergency transport!

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