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Monday, November 4, 2013

Xanti is now up for adoption!

Xanti arrived on the 9/29/13 transport from Leech Lake Reservation. She was a stray up at Leech Lake Reservation, and had been affectionately called 'Crooked Face' up at Leech Lake Reservation as she was seen wandering around the reservation but would never came too close to people. Rory, Leech Lake Community Services Officer, was finally able to catch the ever so aloof Xanti in a live trap. With winter approaching, we are extremely grateful Rory was able to catch her so that we could bring her down to the cities and to our partner, Animal Humane Society/AHS, to be placed up for adoption.

When she arrived on 9/29 at the AHS Buffalo site   there was duct tape on her crate, 'Extremely fearful ... Caution!' We lifted her crate down from the cargo van where she had just spent 3.5 hours on transport with 12 other Leech Lake and Red Lake reservation animals. We opened up the crate door and she looked at us and cowered further back into her crate. As usual, we had the warm, welcoming committee of the staff at the Buffalo AHS ... big smiles and excitement to meet the precious critters arriving on transport. We let them know that one of the animals on transport (Xanti) was very shy and fearful. You could just feel the energy shift .... kind, soft, gentle energy surrounded Xanti and body language from the staff that indicated to Xanti, 'I'm not a threat.' They got down to Xanti's level, avoided eye contact, and just let her come to them. Within seconds Xanti was not only out of her crate, but she had found safety and refuge behind Tina, one of the Buffalo AHS animal care staff.

Xanti ... brave girl :)
Xanti, along with her friends who joined her on the 9/29/13, were then taken to the intake area of the Buffalo AHS. We were assured that Xanti would get lots of love and TLC and the time she needed :) Xanti spent some time at the Buffalo site then was transferred to their Golden Valley site to go through their 'Ad Prep' program (it is their Adoption Preparation program for shy and fearful dogs). Xanti has competed the Ad Prep program and is now ready to find her own special home for the holidays.

With her 'crooked face' (the vets have determined it to be something genetic) we all think she's even more beautiful. There is an incredible spirit in this sweet girl. Many of us were the the Golden Valley AHS site yesterday for a Leech Lake Legacy Celebration party, and after the celebration, a few of us walked through the adoption floor to visit with Xanti. She has come a long way and came up to the front of her kennel. She wags her tail and eagerly waits for staff.

Thank you to Rory for persisting and catching Xanti so that she will not have to spend the winter trying to survive out in the bitter cold finding shelter and food; thank you to AHS (and all your amazing staff and volunteers) for taking her in and providing her with the love, care, and kindness she needed to help her come out of her shell.

Let's help spread the word on this amazing girl ... she deserves only the best from this day forward!! :)

You can visit Xanti at the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society. For more information, click here.


Xanti finds comfort with Tina (AHS staff)

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