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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lake: Porch puppy no more ... transformed by the love of Jenna

Lake -- first night at Jenna's, bath time!
At our last Great Puppy Roundup on 1/4/2014, a puppy (whom we named Lake) was living under a porch in Cass Lake. Jenna was one of several Leech Lake Legacy volunteers who went to try to catch Lake who was very shy and fearful. LLL volunteers spent an hour out in the frigid cold and Jenna was finally able to catch Lake. Because she was so scared, Jenna offered to bring Lake home and give her socialization time. When she first arrived she was terrified. We were told that on the drive back to the cities from Cass Lake, Lake was riding on Jenna's lap :)

The sweet little pup got a bath when she got to Jenna's home and was introduced to Jenna's 4-legged family :) Jenna, as she always does, worked her magic with the shy and fearful ones ...

And it became clear there was a special bond between the two of them. Today, Lake was ready to move onto the next stage of her journey in finding her own forever home, so Jenna brought Lake to the Animal Humane Society where she will be placed up for adoption. We were meeting a transport arriving from Leech Lake today, and while we were waiting I captured some photos of a very bittersweet goodbye between Jenna and Lake. Photos do more justice than words in documenting the amazing power of love ... in one week Jenna gave Lake the love, safety and nurturing she needed to know that it was okay to take the next step. Here is Lake's journey ...

Lake finds Dolly to be a comfy pillow
Looking sweet for Jenna :)
Lake arrives with foster mom Jenna at AHS



Feeling safe.

Unconditional love. The bittersweet goodbye.

 Thank you Jenna for all you do, and continue to do, for the hundreds of animals .... You are a gift to the animals, and all of us at Leech Lake Legacy are truly grateful to have you in our team.

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