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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The V Transport and Snoopy

After a few weeks with no transports, this past Saturday (November 5), there were nine dogs and three cats patiently waiting for transport from the Leech Lake Impound to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.

The transport crew (Lisa, Mike, Sandra and Heidi) rose early on Saturday to begin the long trek to Cass Lake.  This transport was unlike most of the other Leech Lake transports in that all of the animals needed to be bathed before they were brought into AHS.

Transport Team
Sandra, Lisa, Mike, Heidi
After loading up the dogs (Snoopy, Vader, Vandy, Veronica, Vinny, Vincent, Viola and Virgo) and the cats (Vassar, Victoria and Vicuria), the transport crew headed out to meet up with the Bemidji crew (Nancy, Tom, Carolyn and Alyssa) at the Kleen Pet Dog Wash in Bemidji.



Nancy’s comments about the dog wash:

I believe the dogs all loved this 3 on 1 attention with bath-time......one kept closing his eyes out of pure enjoyment of getting a nice rub-down.  The bathing was good for all of them on many levels.

Tom, Nancy and Carolyn bathing Vinny

Smiling Viola
Once the dogs and cats were all bathed, buffed and dried, they were loaded up in clean kennels for the ride back to the Cities.  Marilou (the photographer) and I met them at AHS to meet and photograph each of the animals and to help with unloading and check in.

Check In at AHS

Vinny and Mike
As always, every one of the dogs was as sweet as could be.  We called one of them “the Leaner”.  If you were walking her and stopped, she would instantly lean into your legs.  These dogs absolutely crave human attention and of course, we were all very happy to give it to them.

Vader (the Leaner) and Heidi
The three kittens were not as fired up about baths and transporting but they all made it safely into AHS (and Victoria has already been adopted).



Thanks again to everyone who made this possible – the transport crew, the Bemidji crew, the photography crew and AHS.

The Bemidji Crew - Carolyn, Alyssa and Nancy
(Tom is not pictured)
These 11 animals bring the total number of Leech Lake rescued animals since May to 155!

Simply amazing.


If you are interested in adopting any of these great dogs or cats, visit the Animal Humane Society’s website at http://www.animalhumanesociety.org/adoption.

See you soon.

P.S.  If you are wondering why all of the animals except Snoopy have names beginning with “V”, Snoopy is five years old and lived with a family until he came into AHS.  I thought about renaming him Voopy (so it would sound familiar and also follow my naming convention) but the intake crew at AHS would not have been happy about it.  So I left it at Snoopy.

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  1. It is always a great pleasure to meet all of these unique, beautiful creatures and help get
    them to the cities for some much needed TLC.
    A superb group of volunteers.....thank you all!
    And of course thank you to AHS and MN-Paw!!!
    Jenny, Marilou, Sandra, Heidi, Lisa, Mike,
    Carolyn, Tom, Alyssa.....you're the best!