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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update: Ebi (now Emmi)

Emmi's first night at her new home!
Ebi (now Emmi) arrived on transport on 11/17 and made her way to the Buffalo Animal Humane Society. She was taken in by the Bemidji Impound after she was found wandering around Bemidji.

When she first arrived she was absolutely terrified. There was a serious effort in place to try to coax her to come out of the safety of her kennel ... sweet, gentle words and treats weren't even enough. Eventually, the transport volunteers had to remove the top half of her kennel. It didn't take long, however, for her to completely win over the hearts of the staff at the Buffalo Animal Humane Society. The staff soon learned of Ebi's love for balls and anything squeaky.

She had her TV debut on December 7th on WCCO! Click here to watch this amazing girl on TV ... she is, without a doubt, a natural TV star!!

Her TV appearance caught the eye of her new family. We got the following update from her mom Angel:

"My husband, Tim, and I decided we would start keeping our eyes open to adopt a puppy/dog. Ideally we were looking for a young male puppy (about 8-10 months old) but we weren't set on that. I am "friends" with WCCO on Facebook and I saw on December 7th, 2012 that this gorgeous dog that would be on as Pet Of The Week at noon. I changed the channel and told my husband we had to check it out. Then there she was! Laying there so well behaved and cute. I looked at my husband and he looked at me and said "We have to go meet her!" So that night after work I called the Animal Humane Society of Buffalo to make sure she was still there since we live in St. Paul  and the weather/driving wasn't very good. She was, so I told them we were on our way to see her! 
Playing fetch with her toy
After a long drive (we had to drive slow, which was agonizing for me) we made it there right before closing time. I saw her and my heart melted! We visited and played with Ebi and decided we would adopt her! She was shy, and a little scared especially to leave her favorite person in the world, Heather from the shelter. Ebi, who is now called Emmi, wasn't sure about the car ride, and stayed in one spot the whole ride home not moving. After we got home, she was very tired, wouldn't eat, drink, or even go outside so we set up a place by the couch to get comfortable. I was worried she was much too depressed and scared to live with us, but of course we knew she needed some time to adjust.
The next morning my husband took her outside with her favorite ball to see if she would play... and play she did!!! She was having so much fun running around, jumping, and wagging her tail with a smile. 

Every day she gets about 2 hours of ball time in the yard, hangs out on the couch, goes for car rides, loves her butt scratched, checking out the kitties, and sleeps with us in bed! Emmi is really coming out of her shell, and we have come to love her very much! We are still working on basic training like sit, lay, and stay. She knew sit (a little) when we got her, but now she has learned to sit before she eats or cross the street, lay down, and we're having a little trouble with stay. She seems to have a small case of anxiety so we just started desensitization and counterconditioning to "nip it in the bud" now so it won't get worse. But I'll tell you one thing, she sure loves her ball, her elephant, and for sure her sleep! 

We only want her to be happy and the best for her! We look forward to the future with our Emmi, especially after she's more comfortable."
A huge thank you to the staff at the Buffalo Animal Humane Society for all you did for this sweet girl .... and thank you to Angel and Tim for adopting her and providing her with a wonderful, loving home! :)
Emmi loves her squeaky balls! :)
Emmi had her own stocking for the holidays!

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