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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nida Update: Quills no more

Nida on 2/7
Nida arrived on an emergency transport from Leech Lake Reservation on Sunday, 2/3/13 with her brother Newt. Both had serious injuries from porcupine quills. Due to the severity of the injuries Newt had sustained from the quills, we lost Newt that night while he was in surgery at the Animal Humane Society. To read more about Newt check out the following blog post: http://leechlakelegacy.blogspot.com/2013/02/newt-and-nida.html.

Nida, however, has been on the road to recovery since she arrived on Sunday. Her face is still puffy from the quills removed from her face but a puffy face does not keep this sweet, gentle, happy, wiggly butt girl from doling out lots of hugs and kisses. She has captured the hearts of the staff at the Animal Humane Society/AHS ... in fact, she spends most of her time in the office. Leech Lake Legacy volunteer and AHS animal care lead Jenna hangs out with Nida during her lunch hours. Jenna even shares some of her lunch with Nida :)

Nida will continue to hang out and recover for a little while so that her body can continue to heal. The quills continue to migrate and fester out. On Thursday, Jenna removed approximately four more quills from Nida's paws. When Nida is finally ready to undergo her spay surgery the vet will most likely remove additional quills that continue to migrate through her body.

Thank you AHS for taking Nida in and providing her with such exceptional care! And many thanks to the staff at AHS for pampering this little princess while she continues to heal and make her way to a full recovery.

Nida when she arrived on Sunday, 2/3 with quills
Nida, sleeping next to her best bud Jenna
Nida spends her day in the office and shares her lunch with Jenna

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