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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update: Abey

Abey arrives on the May 4, 2013 transport
Abey (a-BAY) arrived on the 5/4/13 transport from Leech Lake Reservation. He was absolutely terrified when he arrived. It took a very long time for him to come out of his crate and when he finally did he was able to avoid the slip lead and took off. AHS staff at Golden Valley spent 20 minutes trying to corral Abey to come to them. Abey would have nothing to do with coming near anyone!! He would cower in fear ....

After weeks at Golden Valley it was clear Abey was not doing well and needed to get into a home environment or possibly a smaller shelter. Thanks to our volunteer extraordinaire, Heidi, who provides temporary foster care for us as while our animals are in transition from one shelter/rescue to another, or if they are needing medical care or some socialization we were able to get Abey into a home environment. The first night Abey was in Heidi's home he would have nothing to do with her ... and it took Heidi hours to catch Abey in her back yard so that they could turn in for the night :) We think Abey could easily get an award for being super skilled at not getting caught!! :)

Well, after a couple weeks with Heidi and Heidi's dog Rio, it appears that Abey is coming around very nicely. We had the chance to visit Abey last night and he has come out of his shell and is not only enjoying the company of the short term foster dogs that come through Heidi's home (and the companionship of Heidi's dog Rio), but he is also much more comfortable around people. He's a beautiful boy with a wise old spirit :)

Thank you Heidi for taking Abey into your home ... it sounds like Abey is fitting in so nicely in Heidi's home that he may not be leaving :)

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