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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quist needs our help ....

Quist arrives on 8/11/13
Quist was a stray at Leech Lake Reservation. We were told that he had some kind of a leg injury. We brought him down on transport on 8/11/13. A majority of our animals go into the Animal Humane Society (and for that we are extremely grateful for!!) ...  but due to a cruelty case and their shelter overflowing with animals they are unable to take Quist into their program at this time. Leech Lake Legacy typically will not bring a dog into our program unless we have a partner shelter or rescue able to take him. We decided we would make an exception as we simply could not leave him at the Impound with an injury. Fortunately, Heidi (LLL volunteer) stepped up and said she would temp foster. We decided we would bring him to the cities and run some diagnostics to learn the extent of his injuries, and then with additional information we would work to find placement for him with one of our partner shelters or rescues. He arrived on transport on 8/11/13 and we learned immediately what an incredible sweet boy he was and he continues to show just what an exceptional boy he is. Quist gets along with Heidi's other two dogs (Rio and Abey). He loves to snuggle and has a calm, sweet, gentle disposition ... he apparently loves to sleep on the couch and is an extremely affectionate boy. He also loves to play with his foster brothers.

Unfortunately, we have learned the following after several visits to the vet and diagnostics (x-rays and other tests). We would also like to acknowledge and thank West Gate Pet Clinic for their support and the substantial discounts they have provided in our care for Quist.

Quist tested positive for lymes and anaplasmosis (he did, however, test negative for heartworm!). Doctors believe Quist may have a bacterial bone infection in his back left leg. He also has a torn ACL. He has been on pain meds and antibiotics and Leech Lake Legacy will begin treating him for Lymes and anaplasmosis. At this point, it appears that amputation may be the best option for Quist.

We need your help in 3 ways .... Leech Lake Legacy does not foster long-term.  We made an exception for Quist because we could not bare the thought of leaving him at the Impound, and truly believe he deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the funds to incur major veterinary expenses for any one dog. To date, we have already incurred almost $500 and the vet bills continue to rise while we work to find a partner shelter or rescue able to take Quist in. With our current budget we are unable to afford the cost for major surgery. We are reaching out to supporters for help in the following ways:

1. Please donate towards Quist's veterinary care to help us in expenses to date and until we are able to find a shelter or rescue to take him into their program. You can donate online by clicking here. Any amount helps ... :)
2. Please help us spread the word on Quist, and if you know of a shelter or rescue able to take in an incredibly sweet boy with some health issues and a leg injury, have them contact us at leechlakelegacy@gmail.com.
3. Please share this blog post with your network. Even if you personally aren't able to donate, someone you know just might be able to help Quist out :)

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