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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dillinger's long journey continues ...

Handsome Dillinger - 26Jul2014
Dillinger was released to the care of Leech Lake Legacy in May, 2014. He spent about a month at the Animal Humane Society where they took care a lot of his medical needs and surgery to neuter him. We learned he also tested positive for heart worm and AHS was going to treat him for his heart worm but unfortunately Dillinger had some handling issues and was getting a little stressed in a large shelter environment. We decided we need to pull him from a shelter environment and place him in a temp foster home to see how he would do. Dillinger went to spend some time with our amazing temp foster Heidi. He has been with her for the past month.

A couple weeks ago, Leech Lake Legacy reached out to RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota) to see if they would consider taking Dillinger into their foster program. RAGOM's intake manager, Denise, was very open to the idea and asked to meet Dillinger. Well ... let's just say Dillinger wowed Denise with how well behaved he was and how smart he was!! :) RAGOM committed to taking Dillinger and began working on finding a foster who could foster Dillinger through his heart worm treatment. We were contacted last week that they had found a foster for Dillinger.

So today was the big day ... we met at Heidi's house and Dillinger officially became a RAGOM dog. We are told he will be the only dog in his foster home and will have a stay home mom who will be pampering him all day :) A huge thanks to RAGOM for your willingness to take Dillinger AND for treating him for heart worm. And Heidi, it goes without saying .... you are an angel for so many of the animals. It is clear you had a special bond with Dillinger and you have provided him with all he needs to move on to the next stage of his journey.

By all of us working together, we are able to help precious animals like Dillinger.

We will be sure to post updates on Dillinger as we receive them from our partner RAGOM :)

Dillinger and Heidi

Dillinger and Heidi

Dillinger ... a beautiful bond with foster mom Heidi

Dillinger shows Denise how smart he is :)

"where's the cheese???!!" :)
Officially a RAGOM dog!! :)


  1. Hi- Just want to let you know Dillinger (Dylan) is doing well and became "my guy" September 2015 after we worked through heartworm treatment, I retired and he came with me to Whidbey Island, WA. He still has handling "issues" but I've found a great Trainer who specializes in reactive/aggressive behaviors. I'm wondering if he was a stray or did his original owner turn him in? Also wondering if his birthday, May 2010, is accurate or a best guess.

  2. Hi Sue - I searched back through our records and found that Dillinger came into the Impound in Leech Lake as a stray in May 2014. We had a spay/neuter event on May 16 and he was transported that weekend to Animal Humane Society.
    And his birthday is our best guess.
    Thanks for the update. It makes my day when I hear that our dogs and cats have found a great, forever home. :)

  3. Thank you. Not that it is necessary, but nice to know that he was a stray and his birthday a best guess. Gives me a little understanding. He is a wonderful intelligent companion. We're working with a coach and trainer that approaches his behavior issues as post traumatic stress. We're working on my ability to stay calm as well. He is loved.

  4. http://www.caninetlc.com/ Just an FYI--here is Dillinger's trainer who consults nationally. Diane Garrod is her name and she is wonderful.