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Friday, October 26, 2012

Open letter to the former mom of Rex

Animal care lead Jenna gets a big hug from Rex
Dear former mom of Rex (a beautiful young shepherd mix),

You stopped by the Leech Lake Puppy Roundup on Sept. 22, 2012 to ask about a dog you had to surrender in July, 2012 because you were not allowed to have a dog where you lived. You told me his name was Rex. I wasn't sure if we had taken him into the Leech Lake Legacy program but you assured me you had. You had contacted the Leech Lake Tribal Police and Rory (the Community Services Officer) had gone out to your house. He reached out to the other co-founder of Leech Lake Legacy, Jenny, about other options we had for Rex ... unfortunately we did not have any temporary housing options available for Rex and so you surrendered your sweet boy. You came back that chilly Saturday morning to ask if he had been adopted. You had found a place to live where you are now allowed dogs. You wanted to know if Rex was still up for adoption at the shelter and if he was okay.

I am sorry our conversation was interrupted that Saturday morning. I am sorry that I wasn't able to get your name and contact info before you turned around and left. I am sorry I wasn't able to give you answers that morning. I have been haunted by the sadness in your face and the tears. I know that all you wanted to have was some closure ... to know he was okay; to know he was loved and cared for. I want you to know that I came back and looked up your boy. I want you to know I remember Rex very clearly. I remember when he arrived on transport from Leech Lake Reservation on July 20, 2012. He was renamed to Jeriko. He was a bundle of joy when he got off the transport vehicle. Our friend Jenna (who is the animal care lead at the Animal Humane Society) was there to welcome him, and he immediately gave her a big hug and a kiss. I also want you to know that your boy Rex was adopted on July 24th, just four days after arriving. He had one of the shortest stays at the shelter and in that time was loved and cherished. I'm not surprised he got adopted so quickly. You and your family did a wonderful job raising him.
Rex is happy to get out of his crate!

I know all you wanted was some closure and the knowledge of knowing that Rex is safe and in a loving home. I have no way of reaching you and so I am writing this letter to you on our blog, in hopes that some day you will stumble upon this blog and know that you touched my heart and soul with the love and compassion you had for Rex, and for caring enough to come back on a chilly Saturday morning to check and see if he was okay.

I know the decision you made in July, 2012 was a very painful and difficult decision. There is no doubt in my mind that I know you loved him with all of your heart and you simply wanted to make sure he was okay.

I am sorry I didn't have all the answers for you that chilly Saturday morning on Sept. 22nd when you stopped by the Leech Lake Tribal headquarters. You have been in my thoughts and I just needed to let you know that your boy Rex is doing great!! My hope is that you will find some comfort in seeing these pictures of your beautiful boy and the joyous, happy spirit you can just see from his face :)

with gratitude,
Co-founder, Leech Lake Legacy

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