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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yazhi ... deserves only the best from this point forward ...

Yazhi ... taken at the Bemidji Impound
This poor girl was dumped at a grocery store parking lot in Bemidji, MN. She ended up at the Bemidji Impound where she captured the hearts of the staff at the Impound and made her way down on transport to the cities on 10/9/12 and was taken in by one of  our partners, Animal Humane Society/AHS. The poor girl was scared to death and was shaking like a leaf.

Yazhi spent some time at AHS getting checked out by the staff veterinarians. We soon learned sweet Yazhi had many, many health issues. We were told the following:

  • She has a heart murmur (grade 3 or 4 on a scale of 6)
  • She has cataracts in both of her eyes
  • Her teeth appear to be rotting (they were unable to check out her teeth while she was awake, and told us they would do a thorough check when she was sedated).
  • They were able to shave all the mats off of her body but would shave her face and head while she was sedated (she did not like her head our mouth to be touched ... understandably!)
  • She has at least 5 tumors/nodules along her mammary chains
Yazhi arrives at AHS on 10/9/12
Leech Lake Legacy and AHS worked together to explore what we could do for sweet Yazhi and what would be in her best interest. There is a strong possibility the tumors are cancerous. After much discussion we decide we have to at least give Yazhi a chance to experience the good life and to be loved and cherished. We also know what's most important is to keep her comfortable and free from pain. We were fortunate to have a wonderful, experienced foster step forward to provide temporary hospice care as we continue to reach out in hopes that someone out there would be willing to adopt Yazhi, a beautiful senior pup who has been through so much and simply deserves to live out the rest of her life being treated like a queen.

Yazhi was sedated and shaved .. all the mats are now gone from her face and body and she is like a brand new dog!! :) When AHS had her sedated, they went ahead and extracted 11 teeth (they indicated that 5 had already fallen out). She has a few teeth remaining and they did their best to clean her remaining teeth. After getting a closer look at our teeth while Yazhi was sedated they estimate her age to be around 12 years.
Yazhi gets ready to go home with foster mom Vicki!

Samples from a couple of the nodules along her mammary chain were removed and sent to the lab to see if they are cancerous. AHS will notify us in about a week when the results come back. Her foster mom Vicki picked her up at AHS this afternoon. It was apparent Yazhi got lots of loving and pampering from the staff at AHS. We are extremely grateful for our partnership with AHS and for all they have done for Yazhi and for working with us so that we could ensure that Yazhi has the opportunity to experience the good life ... we all deserve that :)

We are extremely grateful to Vicki for temporarily fostering this sweet girl. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We realize there are a lot of unknowns with Yazhi. We realize she's a senior dog with a multitude of health issues (including cancer). We realize she may not have long left in this world. Despite all of that we believe she deserves the very best and we believe she deserves to enjoy whatever time she has left .... If you are interested in meeting Yazhi and would consider opening up your heart and your home to this special senior pup, please email us at leechlakelegacy@gmail.com.

Recovering from surgery

Yazhi ... she even had a little bounce in her step! :)


  1. Our beautiful little Yahzi crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 19, 2016. We were Blessed to have had four years with her, given her health issue. Rest in Peace Yahzi "Little One" We'll never forget you.

    1. Yahzi was a lucky little girl to have lived out her final years with a family who so obviously loved her. Thanks for giving her the love that she deserved and thanks for letting us know that she crossed the Bridge. RIP Yahzi.