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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Update on one of Kiki's pups Kodiak

Kodiak (now 'Zeus)
Thanks to our partner the Animal Humane Society for featuring the Leech Lake Legacy and AHS partnership in their most recent Animal Tracks magazine that we were connected with the family of one of Kiki's pups. Kiki was a beautiful 1 year old shepherd mix who was rescued, along with her 4 pups, by the Leech Lake Community Services Officer, Rory Haaland in July, 2012 in an abandoned house. To read the full story of Kiki be sure to stop by one of the Animal Humane Society locations to pick up their most recent issue of Animal Tracks. In November, 2012 we also wrote an update blog post on Kiki: http://leechlakelegacy.blogspot.com/2012/11/kikis-bittersweet-story.html.

Kodiak's mom contacted us via our facebook page and wrote the following: "I am the "Mommy" of Kodiak. Now named Zeus. I was so surprised to open up this magazine [the AHS Animal Tracks magazine] and find an article about our dog and his family. We are so happy to hear that his "Fuzzy Mommy" is doing so well and horrified to hear how bad his life started out. Zeus is an 85 lb healthy puppy. He is well loved and adores his entire family. Many thanks are due to the people who saved this entire family of dogs. Thank you. Our family wouldn't be the same without him."
Animal Tracks magazine featured the LLL/AHS partnership

Thank you Tammy for adopting Kodiak/Zeus and for providing him with such a loving home. I passed a long your photos to Kiki's mom and she was thrilled to get an update :)

I wanted to also share an update on Kiki. Kiki had stem cell therapy treatment and her kidney values have improved dramatically. She will go in for a recheck in 3 weeks and we will continue to pray that her kidney values continue to improve :)

The following is a link to photos of the Leech Lake Legacy 'K3' transport where Kiki and her 4 pups arrived .. you will see Kiki and her adorable 4 pups :) Thanks to the amazing staff at the Buffalo AHS site for taking such good care of them!


Kodiak at Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji

Kodiak - Buffalo AHS

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