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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Update: Meet Luna ... yes, Legacy's sister!

Luna - November, 2011
A couple weeks ago I asked my contact and friend, Carrie, at the Animal Humane Society if she would be willing to reach out to a certain adopter [Carrie was the amazing writer of the recent article in the Animal Humane Society/AHS, Animal Tracks, that featured the partnership of Leech Lake Legacy and AHS ... and Legacy (well, baby Legacy) was featured on the front cover of the magazine]. In September, 2011 Leech Lake Legacy transported 13 puppies from Leech Lake Reservation. These precious 13 puppies spent five days in my home ... and then after 5 days, 10 of them made their way to AHS to be placed up for adoption. Luna was one of the 10, and Legacy (her brother) was one of the 3 who remained with me as they were too sick. I fostered Legacy and (Lenny and Lazarus) through Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation. Ultimately, I adopted Legacy as he had wiggled his way into my heart. I have often wondered how his sibling Luna was doing ... they resembled each other in so many ways when they were tiny puppies ...
Legacy on the front cover of Animal Tracks!

I was so happy to receive an email tonight from Emily and Stan (Luna's adoptive family!):

Co-founder, Leech Lake Legacy


My name is Emily.  I recently received an email from Carrie from AHS and found out that you and your organization saved our pup Luna and that her brother, your pup Legacy, was on the cover of Animal Tracks!!!  My husband Stan and I then did some internet searching on your organization and ended up finding some pictures of Luna and her 12 siblings, as well as blog posts about their rescue.  What a cool thing to learn about Luna's history. 

We cannot thank you enough for saving our Luna and so, so, so many other animals. 
Luna is such an awesome dog - she is so sweet and loves absolutely everything!!  She has a dog sister, Roxi, our 5 year old Yellow English Lab.  Luna loves being outside and loves to run and sprint or prance after squirrels.  We have a fenced in backyard and she could stay out there all day long...even in the winter.  It always amazes me that she doesn't get cold out there when it's frigid or blizzarding.  Roxi wants to come in right away and Luna is still running around completely unaffected!  We went out West several times this winter on ski trips and she was in absolute heaven in the mountains.  Luna also just loves the dog parks that we go to frequently.  She loves playing and running with the other dogs.  The second we enter the fence, she is just gone!  She'll run and run and run and finally come back to us.  Roxi has always stayed within eyesight of us, if not 10-20 feet away, but not Luna, she's gone, but she'll always come back :) 

Luna when she arrived - Sep. 1, 2011
She also loves toys of all kinds - stuffed animals (that she carries around everywhere), nylabones, balls (that she will play with even by herself), and especially toys that crinkle or that have little squeekers that she can squeek rapidly.  When I vacuum and put the toys on a table/couch/chair, she drags them all back down by the time I'm done.  It's funny because Roxi was never particularly fond of toys.  I bought so many toys to find the type of toy Roxi would like, but she was always like "thanks but no thanks".  So it's great that Luna loves them.  Now whenever Roxi wants to play with Luna, or visa versa, she grabs a toy and then Luna will steal it from her...Roxi lets her and then they start their 'dog play'...it's so funny.  Luna will also tell you that she wants attention or wants to play by bringing you one of her toys and dropping it in your lap as a gift.  
In the summer, we spend as much time as we can on the water - swimming and boating - and Luna loves it.  Roxi's favorite thing to do is swim and Luna is right there beside her.  Roxi likes to float on inflatible floaties and has taught Luna how to as well...everyone thinks it's so funny.  Luna is great around all our neices and nephews too.  She is so light on her feet...she'll sneak right up on you!  I often wake up in the morning to Luna's sweet face about 1/4 of an inch from my face..somehow she manages to not touch her nose to my nose and subliminally wake me up!  She'll also often lay her head on your lap...she's so sweet.

Another photo of Luna from Sept, 2011
I've attached some pictures of Luna! 
Also, we were curious about what kind of dog Luna was, so as a little Chistmas present we did a doggy DNA test (just a saliva swab) and found out what type of dog she is.  It's kind of fun and nice to know since everyone asks.  If you're interested, I've attached the details.  
Thanks so so so much for all that you do!!
Emily & Stan

Luna and her sister Roxi
Luna ... like her brother Legacy, she has ears with personality!


  1. Great story but don't leave us hanging! What did the DNA test say? :)

    1. Hi Kristen, the DNA test for Luna said she is part springer spaniel mix and siberian husky/akita cross :)