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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update: Dimples (now Nico)!

Nico as a puppy! :)
A few days ago we got an email inquiring about one of the puppies we had brought down on a recent transport. The woman indicated that she had adopted a dog in the past that had come from Leech Lake Legacy. After answering her question, I of course had to ask her more about the dog she adopted ... We got the following email back :)

"We adopted "Nico" from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley on November 13th. I think we met her right when she was put out on the floor for adoption. Her name was "Dimples" at the shelter and we were told she had only been there a couple of days-if that. So, I am assuming she was part of a November 10th transport (if there was one).
We have often wondered if her mother or siblings were on her transport and routed elsewhere. Almost everyone that meets her has a "guess"of what breeds she might be. 
As it is with probably so many of your rescues, she was in a sad state when we adopted her. We treated her for fleas, flea dermatitis, mange (it took 3 treatment cycles), worms, and more.
She has remarkable coloring and a very sweet temperament to match. We have two boys at home, ages 3 and 8 years old, she interacts with them as if they were all meant to be together. She is my constant shadow and a wonderful companion.
I have attached a recent photo so that you can see how she is blossoming as a loved family member. I also have a puppy pic included in case you are interested.
I thank you for bringing her to us."
I looked back at our records and confirmed that yes, Dimples did come down on the November 10th, 2012 transport. In fact, on 11/10/12 we held our 2nd Great Puppy Roundup so Dimples was one of 59 animals surrendered to Leech Lake Legacy on that day and transported to the Animal Humane Society to be placed up for adoption!
The following is a link to photos from the 11/10 Great Puppy Roundup II:
We are extremely happy and grateful when adopters find us and send us updates on their beautiful pups.
Dear sweet Nico, you have turned into an absolutely gorgeous girl ...
Thank you Christine, for opening up your heart and home to Nico and providing her with such a loving home. We are truly grateful :)

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