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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puddles: Porch puppy no more

Jenna and Puddles - the ride to the cities
At the January Puppy Roundup, when temps were sub-zero, Leech Lake Legacy volunteer extraordinaire Jenna went out to a resident's house on Leech Lake Reservation to try to catch some puppies who were living under a porch. The puppies were terrified and would not come near humans. After Jenna spent a couple hours in sub-zero temperatures, she was finally able to catch one of the puppies. She named the puppy Lake. You can read more about Lake on a previous blog ... [note: Lake has since been adopted!]


Yesterday, Jenna was back up at Leech Lake volunteering for another Puppy Roundup. She returned to the house where Lake had been living under a porch, determined to find and catch Lake's sister. Once again, in freezing temperatures, she crawled under the porch determined to catch Lake's sister who was not going to make it easy for Jenna to catch but determined to not give up, Jenna persisted. After a couple hours (and after other volunteers had already left to head back to the cities) Jenna caught the puppy!!!

Jenna has named Lake's sister, Puddles and brought her home so she could get a bath and some socialization and loving before being transferred to one of our partner shelters/rescues to be placed up for adoption. Apparently, it didn't take long for Puddles to realize that it's much nicer in a warm house and by evening she was snuggling on the couch with Jenna and her boyfriend Keith :)

and here are photos of Puddles' first hours after being rescued from under a porch by our amazing volunteer Jenna! Thank you Jenna for not giving up on Lake and her sister Puddles! You are a saint for these precious animals, and we are beyond grateful to have you as a part of the LLL community.

Puddles on the right to the Twin Cities from Leech Lake
Puddles gets a bath
Puddles - snuggle time
Jenna says goodbye to Lake (Puddles' sister) after caring for her for a week.  Lake was transferred to the Animal Humane Society where she was placed up for adoption, and was adopted after just one day!

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