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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Limbo ... the power of love and patience

Limbo at Animal Care Clinic
When Limbo first arrived at the Leech Lake Impound he was completely terrified and did not want to be handled by humans. We transferred Limbo to Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji early last week so the little guy could get vaccinated ... we were told he was very, very scared. The tech at Animal Care Clinic told us she believed he just needed some TLC and some time ...

We arranged for Limbo to hitch a ride yesterday on the Red Lake Rez transport that was coming to the cities. Jenny reached out to our temp foster extraordinaire, Jenna (who also works as an animal care lead at the Animal Humane Society). We knew Limbo needed to spend some time in her loving care and to learn that humans aren't all that bad :) Limbo arrived on transport yesterday and we started getting texts and updates on the little guy from Jenna. He was terrified when he arrived and just wanted to hide. Well ... in less than 24 hours you will witness from the following photos, the amazing transformation of Limbo, and how powerful love and some TLC can be ... Jenna, and her boyfriend Keith, are simply amazing!! And yes, many thanks to Yukon, Rue and Big Bear (Jenna's pups for showing Limbo the ropes ... sounds like Yukon showed Limbo that sleeping on the bed is much more comfortable) :)

Limbo arrives at Jenna's house
He finds a safe spot ... but apparently LOVES treats!
Jenna works her magic within a hours
Yukon shows Limbo that the bed is a comfy place to sleep!
Limbo ... loving his new bed
Keith (Jenna's boyfriend) bonding with Limbo :)
Keith and Limbo ... less than 24 hours after he arrives ... this photo says it all!! :)
Thank you Jenna and Keith (and Yukon, Rue and Big Bear) .... and give Limbo and big hug and kiss from all of his fans and supporters! :)

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  1. Wow, that is so awesome! Especially love the photos of Limbo with the other dog on the couch and then that last one is killer. Beautiful dog.