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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moe ... slowly coming out of his shell ...

Moe .. arrives at AHS on 7/13/13, absolutely terrified
Moe was surrendered at our 7/13/13 Puppy Roundup at Leech Lake Reservation. He was absolutely petrified and would only crawl on his belly. When he arrived at the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society later that evening he would not budge from his crate. We took the top part of the crate off and thought we could entice him to come out of his crate ... no such luck!! Dawn, AHS Vet tech supervisor, decided he just needed to be wheeled away and brought a cart out so that Moe could remain in his crate, feeling safe. The staff needed to get a weight on him and and instead of stressing the sweet boy out, they lifted Moe and his crate onto the scale ... he was then immediately taken to the 'Q' ward -- the quiet ward so he could have time to relax and acclimate to his new surroundings. The sweet boy is now going through AHS' Ad Prep program --- a program for shy and fearful dogs. He has apparently been capturing the hearts of AHS staff and Ad Prep volunteers.

Moe getting wheeled away by Dawn :)
Leech Lake Legacy volunteers were at AHS today for our dog wash/nail trim fundraiser. We had a surprise visit by Moe, who was being walked by an Ad Prep volunteer ... apparently one of many who have fallen in love with him :) He spent time in the shade getting brushed (aka 'furminated') and getting lots of pampering and attention. This sweet boy has come a LONG way in just one week .... a HUGE thanks to the love, patience, kindness of the AHS staff and volunteers.

Moe was surrendered by residents at Leech Lake Reservation who simply could not afford to keep him and care for him. He lived with young kids and was deeply loved.

It was such a treat to see Moe walking today and not cowering or dropping to the ground when approached. He welcomed the attention and the brushing and showed off his gorgeous eyes :) He will need more time in AHS' Ad Prep program, but there is no doubt in our mind, he is getting all the love, attention, patience and encouragement ... to come out of his shell!! :) In one week, we've already seen immense progress!

Moe, one week later, with an AHS volunteer
Thank you AHS for all you are doing for this gentle, kind, sweet boy :)

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