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Monday, July 15, 2013

Update: Peaches ...

We got the following update on July 13th from Jean of Carver Scott Humane Society/CSHS. Peaches arrived from Leech Lake Reservation on the 2/23/13 transport. She was taken into CSHS's foster program and fostered by Jean when she arrived. Jean has been a life saver for Leech Lake Legacy taking in a lot of our very sick animals and helping us nurse them back to health ...

Peaches has been adopted to a wonderful couple, but could use our positive thoughts and prayers ... here is her update and story from Jean ... thank you Jean, Heidi and Phil for providing Peaches with so much love and all the care she needs to get better. You will be in our thoughts and prayers:

"Today Peaches will receive her first heartworm injection. Peaches, a young Shepherd cross, came to us earlier this year from Leech Lake Reservation. She was sick and had a broken leg. She overcame her illness rather quickly, but, was with us for several months recovering from her broken leg (no surgery was needed....just splints and rest). When she first came to us, she had the 4x (HW/Lymes/Anaplasmosis/Erlich) test done, and tested positive for Lymes. She was treated with antibiotics for the Lymes. 
During her stay in our home, a couple who had adopted a dog from us several years ago contacted me and asked me to be on the lookout for another special dog for them. Their current dog, Anna, came from the Lake Traverse reservation and is a very special girl. I told Heidi and Phil that I currently had a special dog, but, she wasn't cleared for adoption yet because of her broken leg. Peaches went to visit the couple and Anna, and they all fell in love with her. When she was cleared for adoption, she was quickly adopted by Heidi and Phil. Their vet clinic did another 4x test on Peaches' first visit, and she tested positive for HW. The results were confirmed by two additional HW tests, and a treatment plan was made. I learned that it takes 6 months from the time of infection until a dog tests positive for HW. This explains the two different results. Heidi and Phil aren't able to keep Peaches quiet in their home for the required amount of time, so, I volunteered to have Peaches stay with us during her treatment. She'll be in our home until early October, but, Heidi and Phil will come to visit her often during this time. Her treatment will follow the American HW Association protocol of 3 injections. 
Please send positive energy and healing thoughts to Peaches.

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