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Friday, June 20, 2014

Gilbert update ... Rez dog to service dog in training!

We thought we'd give you an update on Gilbert, the amazing pup, and service dog in training!! Gilbert was our first surrender at our June 7th clinic and will be the first dog Leech Lake Legacy will transfer over to to Patriots Assistance Dogs/PAD, a non-profit created to train dogs to become service dogs to assist veterans with PTSD/TBI.

Gilbert is currently being fostered by Dennis Junker [Click here to read our first blog on Gilbert and to learn more about how the partnership between Leech Lake Legacy and Patriots Assistance Dogs evolved, and how Gilbert was selected!]. We have been getting regular updates from Dennis about Gilbert and according Dennis, 'Gilbert, aka G-Man, or Gilly .. is truly one of the best dogs to date that i've located. He is definitely in the top 10, but closer to that top 5 mark!! ... Gilbert is soooo well behaved .. Gilbert is going to be like Faith (2nd dog I acquired for PAD from NE) .. pretty much all we had to do was praise her with the command when she automatically did what was required. Gilbert is REALLY THAT GOOD!!!!"

And yesterday, Dennis took Gilbert out for a little training :) "I took Gilbert to the post office, local store and gas station today, he did GREAT!! Showed normal curiosity to new settings and smells, confidant but not pulling to see items in store. Listens to corrections of leave it within two commands!!! Very vigilant to his surroundings checking out all noises or movements!!! Gilbert continues to be his amazing self!!! Using the training collar he self corrects and stays in the heel position! Sadie loves her new playmate!!! ..... I spent about 20 minutes outside the post office talking to people and Gilbert always turned when people or vehicles approached. Very observant young man!! I only had 5 people who met him today that wanted to take him home! Oh, wait, he only met 5 people today!!! :)"

Thank you Dennis and Patriots Assistance Dogs for the amazing work you do. Thank you for taking Dennis into your program and for giving this amazing boy a chance to shine and to 'pay it forward' in helping veterans who have served our country.

Gilbert just chilling out :)
Gilbert when he first meets Dennis on June 7th

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