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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Heddy's journey ... Jenna once again comes to the rescue!!

Heddy was one of 16 animals who arrived on transport today from Leech Lake and Red Lake Reservations [a big thanks to the ASPCA for the transport grant that is partially funding our weekly transports!] This sweet gentle boy was a little unsure when he first arrived. It took a little coercion to get him out of the crate .. and then the slip lead is always a scary and frightening for the rez dogs arriving on transport. He was scheduled to go to our partner the Animal Humane Society but Doug (AHS animal care staff) who had been hanging out and bonding with Hedda noticed that he was quite itchy and upon further inspection, we soon learn that Heddy has a bad case of contagious 'chewing lice.' With AHS being at capacity and not having a place to quarantine him, Jenny gets busy trying to find a place for Heddy to be temp fostered for 6 weeks while he is treated for chewing lice. Her first call of course is our amazing volunteer Jenna!! Jenna had been temp fostering Webster for 2.5 months while he went through treatment for sarcoptic mange. Webster just left her house a couple days ago and was brought to AHS to be placed up for adoption. Jenna of course said 'YES' to temp fostering Heddy for the 6 weeks to treat chewing lice. We are truly, truly grateful for Jenna and don't know what we would do without her. She is an angel for these animals in need :) Thank you Jenna!!

And thank you Doug for being so kind and caring to Heddy and helping him feel more comfortable ... 

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And to view photos from today's transport and Heddy's travel buddies, check out our flickr site:

Heddy at the Leech Lake Impuond

Heddy waiting his turn at the intake area of AHS

Heddy makes himself comfy 

A little burst of energy .. he stands up after a BIG drink of water!

Doug (AHS animal care staff) checking Heddy out

Doug continues to check Heddy out :)

They are like best friends :)

Heddy crashes in the middle of the road .. nothing seems to phase him

Sweet Heddy

Webster (Jenna fostered this sweet boy for 2.5 months and treated him for sarcoptic mange)

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