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Sunday, June 8, 2014

New partnership with Patriots Assistance Dogs

Dennis evaluating Gilbert as a potential
candidate for Patriots Assistance Dog's
service dog training program
Approximately 8 months ago, Leech Lake Legacy was contacted by Dennis Junker, volunteer and foster for Patriot Assistance Dogs in Detroit Lakes, MN. The following was an early intro email from Dennis we received :)

"My name is Dennis Junker (1978 Cass Lake High School graduate) and I'm a volunteer with Patriot Assistance Dogs. We train PTSD/TBI service dogs for veterans. I've already acquired 2 awesome dogs,husky/lab mixes, from Cass Lake for our program (from private parties). Something about Rez dogs makes them unique and the right ones make great service dogs!!"

We began conversations with Dennis and began to explore ways LLL and PAD could partner and to provide an opportunity for a dog coming into LLL's care (either surrendered at one of our events or transferred over to our care from the Tribal Police after the dog has completed their stray hold period at the Cass Lake impound).

On Saturday, June 7th, Leech Lake Legacy hosted a Wellness Clinic and Great Puppy Roundup. We invited Dennis to come and meet some of the dogs/puppies surrendered at our event to evaluate them as possible service dog candidates for Patriots Assistance Dogs. Dennis met Gilbert (the very first surrender of the day!), and did an evaluation of Gilbert .. He felt that Gilbert would make a great service dog ... Gilbert marks the beginning of a new partnership/path for Leech Lake reservation dogs to become trained as service dogs for veterans. Gilbert went home with Dennis and will be temp fostered under Leech Lake Legacy until our July 11-12 clinic. Gilbert will begin training and will be evaluated over the next few weeks. If all goes well, we will have a chance to see Gilbert again when we return to Cass Lake for our July 11-12 spay/neuter and wellness clinic ... Gilbert will then be neutered and officially transferred over to our new partner, Patriot Assistance Dogs!! :)
We got the following update from Dennis last night:

"Marilou, thank you so much for the opportunity to foster and evaluate Gilbert!!! He slept through the night and caught on to the house rules immediately!! His second time coming in from potty call he immediately went to the kitchen and sat down waiting for his treat!!! LOL!! Very smart young boy!! Gilbert comes up to me and sits on my foot to be petted, so he's got "close" down pat without any training needed!!! Gilbert knows sit, down and off; he is very gentle when asked to come up on the couch or lap for hugs and cuddles!! Gilbert also immediately interacted with me when I changed my breathing and acted out anxiety!!  Trigger and Boots have gently let him know his place in the hierarchy!  Sadie is loving having someone with her energy level to play with and Gilbert is eating it up!!  For his age and breed he is a very calm boy!! I'll continue to give you updates but I really think we have a winner!! Thanks again!! "

And then this morning, another update :)

" ... my once white Sadie is more brown after her and Gilbert got done with their morning wrestling match!!  Baths are now scheduled for this afternoon .. hmmm .. this may become a daily routine!!"

Thank you Dennis and Patriot Assistance Dogs for the amazing work you do. We/Leech Lake Legacy are very excited about this new partnership.

Dennis (left) with Sadie (service dog in training)
and Cinammon (another service dog Dennis trained!)
Sadie (with Dennis), also a Leech Lake rez dog, is in training as a service dog.
Dennis and Sadie came to visit us at our May clinic.

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