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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dog houses being delivered ... straw needed for the dog houses

Thanks to the generous donation from The Alex Sterling Foundation and our supporters, we were able to raise $6,000 at our fundraiser in July to purchase dog houses for the outside reservation dogs of Leech Lake Reservation. This will be the 3rd year where we have been able to distribute dog houses.

Many thanks to ADMC Distribution and Chuck & Don's for partnering with us, for the second year in a row, to purchase outside dog barn houses at a substantial discount, AND for delivering the houses to the Leech Lake Tribal Police in Cass Lake.

The 120 dog houses we have ordered are on their way, and Leech Lake Legacy (in partnership with the Tribal Police) will be distributing the dog houses and straw on October 11th. We will be going through forms filled out by residents and contacting those who have requested dog houses. Leech Lake Legacy will work with the Tribal Police to prioritize who will receive dog houses.

We would like distribute a bale of straw with every dog house. A bale of straw will cost us $4.25. If you are able to contribute towards the purchase of straw for the dog houses we would greatly appreciate it, as will the dogs :)

Straw for Dog Houses

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