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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Leech Lake Legacy School Supply Drive

Today kids are returning to school .... and for many, they had the good fortune of shopping with parents to purchase and select all their needed school supplies.  Unfortunately, for many of the Leech Lake Reservation's kids and youth, there was no shopping excursion for school supplies.

After three 3 years of partnering with the Leech Lake Tribal Police to help the animals of Leech Lake Reservation, we have built wonderful relationships with the residents, community members and elders of Leech Lake Reservation. At our last spay/neuter clinic in July Ken Washington, Leech Lake Tribal Police Chief, thanked  me and Leech Lake Legacy for all the work we have been doing for the animals. As we continued talking it became so clear to me how our work up at Leech Lake was about community, and how grateful I was for all the amazing relationships we have built over the years. Our work is about both the animals and people.

Ken then asked, "Would it be possible for us to get donations of hats, glove and mittens for the children of Leech Lake?" He continued to share how so many of the kids go without gloves, hats and mittens in the bitter winter months. A week later, I was requested by Steve White (Dist. II representative of the Tribal Council) if we could help in obtaining school supplies for the children.

So we/Leech Lake Legacy have decided to do what we can to help raise donations of school supplies, hats, mittens and gloves for the children of Leech Lake Reservation. For the first two weeks of September we will focus on school supplies. For the last two weeks of September we will shift our focus to gloves, hats, mittens and coats for the children.

We are grateful to the Animal Humane Society (and to Grand Avenue Veterinary Clinic) for partnering with us to help raise donations. Donation bins are set up at all 5 Animal Humane Society sites, Now Boarding and Grand Avenue Vet.

Feel free to contact me at mchanrasmi@gmail.com if you have any questions.

chi miigwech,

President/Co-Founder, Leech Lake Legacy

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