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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gilligan and Louie: Rez dog to service dogs in training

In June of 2014 we kicked off a partnership with Patriots Assistance Dogs. Gilligan (formerly Gilbert), an 8 month old lab mix pup, was the first dog surrendered to Leech Lake Legacy at our June wellness clinic. To read more about how this partnership came to be, and about Gilligan, click here: http://leechlakelegacy.blogspot.com/2014/06/new-partnership-with-patriots.html.

Then at our July clinic, Louie (a 4 month old pup) was transferred over to the care of Leech Lake Legacy. Louie had been picked up by Rory, Leech Lake Community Services Officer in Onigum on Leech Lake Reservation. Dennis Junker of Patriots Assistance Dogs came to our clinic to make the transfer of Gilligan/Gilbert from Leech Lake Legacy to Patriots Assistance Dogs official and to get him neutered and checked out by our vet! While waiting for Gilligan, he evaluated dogs/puppies who had been surrendered or turned over to LLL by the Tribal Police after their stray hold period had been completed. He noticed a small energetic little pup named Louie being carried by a volunteer and within 30 minutes it was clear Dennis felt like Louie would be a strong candidate for service dog training! As Dennis couldn't take Louie right away, Leech Lake Legacy volunteer Paula, offered to temp foster Louie until Dennis was able to take him. Louie was officially transferred over to Patriots Assistance Dogs at our August clinic and like fellow rez dog Gilligan, he is going through service dog training!! Both Gilligan and Louie are doing phenomenal in their training and we just got some updates from Dennis from their training visiting firefighters and EMTs.

From Dennis:

"Here are a few photos from today's training!!! Suited up fireman didn't fool Louie at all!! Gilligan just hesitated for a second!! Gilligan assessing the open stairs saying "really dad"!! LOL Louie didn't miss a beat on the stairs!!"

Dennis meets Louie at our July 2014 clinic

Gilligan and Louie meet firefighters!
Gilligan assesses the open stairs!
Gilligan - EMT training

Louie - EMT training
We are so grateful to Dennis and Patriots Assistance Dogs for giving these 2 amazing rez dogs not only a second chance, but a chance to become service dogs and to provide service and companionship to veterans who have served our country.

Gilligan and Louie, we are so proud of you!! Keep up the great work!!

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