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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eddie ... the will to survive

Eddie at the impound
One of our dedicated volunteers, Nancy O'Sullivan, is a tireless advocate for all animals. She informed us that Eddie's time had run out at the Bemidji Impound ... could we help? I asked Nancy to share Eddie's story:

"We don't know much about Eddie's past, but I told him several times we were leaving it behind him anyway and moving forward onto new and better things. Eddie was diagnosed with FIV at his vet visit in Bemidji, but Amber (a Leech Lake Legacy volunteer) was more than happy to take Eddie into her home to foster.   

Eddie weighed in at 6.5 lbs when he arrived at our home. We discovered he was a huge chow-hound and loved his meals.....and he especially loved it when we laid next to him, petting him while he ate.   
Eddie in temp foster with Nancy and Tom O.

I hope Eddie hangs in there.   His heart and lungs and his tummy were checked out by Bemidji Animal Hospital and all were in great working order.......he was skin and bones though when we picked him up but I believe he gained a bit of weight with his foster care here for 10 days. Still, I
worry about the FIV and if he is strong enough to live with it.  I think he has had a very tough life, but he obviously wants to live and become a great addition to a loving family for the rest of his days.   He was cuddly and affectionate with us and followed me around when I could sneak him in a
larger room without our dogs.  He was nose-to-nose with our chocolate lab once and it resulted in a 'duh!' moment, so Eddie is just a laid back kind of guy. 

It didn't take long to fall in love with Eddie......his eyes melted my heart, and his sweetness
touched my soul."

Eddie will continue to need medical care and is definitely not out of the woods. Please continue to send lots of positive, healing energy his way.

A big thanks to Nancy for all you have done for Eddie .. and a big thanks also to Amber for your willingness to take a special needs cat into your home and for providing the necessary care.

Eddie - one week later

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