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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wenda: The journey of a regal cat

Wenda was surrendered to Leech Lake Legacy at our Oct. 12-13, 2014 clinic. Unfortunately all of our partner shelters and rescues were at capacity with cats and kittens so we had nowhere for Wenda to go. Wenda ended up having to go back to the Cass Lake impound (on Leech Lake Reservation) where she spent the next month. Many thanks to our amazing volunteers up north who would visit the cats at the impound (and Wenda was one of many) .. they made sure she had the appropriate care and took time to also play and socialize them.

On Nov. 14th, Wenda came down to the cities with all of her fellow cat friends at the impound. There were also Red Lake reservation cats that were on transport ... a big surgery (spay/neuter) clinic was scheduled in partnership with the University of Minnesota SIRVS (Student Initiative for Veterinary Services) group and 26 cats were scheduled to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated by vet school students under the supervision of vets. The surgery clinic was hosted at Silver Lake Animal Hospital in Oakdale, MN. That day one of the vets volunteering was Dr. Karen Lopez. That day Dr. Karen fell in love with Wenda, an older gray cat with lots of personality!! :)
Wenda at the surgery clinic ..
not quite ready to wake up :)

All 26 cats, after surgery, were taken to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley for temporary lodging until we could figure out if any of our partner groups could take these 26 cats into their adoption program. We lucked out .... all 26 cats were placed with either the Animal Humane Society or Angel of Hope rescue. Wenda, ended up going to a foster home with Angel of Hope rescue.

A few days later we got an email from Dr. Karen indicating that she couldn't stop thinking about Wenda and was interested in putting an application in for Wenda. We put Dr. Karen in contact with Angel of Hope Rescue. Not long after, we learned that Wenda was officially adopted by Dr. Karen. Today, we got an email from Karen:

Hello all,
   I am happy to report that Miss Wenda has settled into her new home very nicely.  She is affectionate, playful, very neat, and just a little nervous.  She loves to be brushed and has slept in bed with me every night since she came home on Sunday.  She particularly likes playing with a little white mouse toy that a friend of mine sent to us.  I am thoroughly enjoying her, completely in love with her, and she has brought the warmth back into my apartment.  As I type she is lounging in her pink bed on my bed. I've attached some pictures of her.  Feel free to share with others.


Congrats Miss Wenda and Karen!! We are so happy for you both :) And many thanks to all who helped care of Wenda along her journey to finding her new forever home :)


  1. Wenda and I thank you for the work you do and helping us meet each other!

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