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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A bright new star in the skies tonight ... RIP sweet Pearl

Pearl and Heidi
On Saturday we received a call from our partner, the Animal Humane Society. They had two puppies who had broken with parvo. As we've worked together over the past 2 years to help the animals of Leech Lake Reservation we have unfortunately seen quite a few cases of parvo and we/LLL are extremely fortunate to have Heidi (who does temp fostering for LLL) and Jean (of Carver Scott Humane Society) help us nurse many of our parvo pups back to health. Jenny received the call from Anne J (site manager of the Golden Valley AHS) with her request .. was there any way LLL could help? Jenny immediately started making phone calls and within a few hours we had a plan in place: Jenny was going to take Java (whom Heidi was temp fostering till MUSHR (Minnesota's Unwanted Siberian Husky Rescue) was able to take her into their rescue; Jenny, Heidi and I met at AHS to pick up the two pups (Heidi named them Phillip and Pearl) along with meds and instructions from the AHS vets. AHS sent all necessary supplies and meds for Heidi to provide the necessary care ... the pups were both pretty skinny when they arrived at Heidi's and were showing parvo symptoms. Heidi set up a nice comfy areas for each of them ... they were to be kept separate so that she could monitor their symptoms separately.
Phillip and Heidi

It is with a heavy heart we share with you that Pearl did not make it through the night. Rest assured that the sweet little pup knew and experienced only love and kindness in the 5 days she was with Heidi. Sweet Pearl, you will be the brightest star shining in the night skies tonight and you will forever have a place in our hearts. And thank you Heidi for all you did for the sweet little girl.

Pearl's sibling Phillip is fortunately doing well .. as of this morning, Heidi shares he is bouncy puppy but definitely not in the clear. Please keep Phillip in your thoughts and prayers and send lots of positive energy his way.

And Java spent one night with Jenny, then was off to her foster home with MUSHR (thank you MUSHR for taking Java into your program ... she is one smart, bright, energetic girl ;-)

Java giving foster mom Heidi a thank you and goodbye kiss :)

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