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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Annabelle's beautiful spirit is shining brightly!

Annabelle on 7/23 .. only 35 lbs
Annabelle today ... now 51.2 lbs
Annabelle arrived on a mid-week emergency transport on 7/23. She was picked up by Rory, Leech Lake Community Services Officer along with her 8 pups and immediately taken to our partner vet, Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji till we could find a rescue to take her in. Jenny's first call was to Julie C, foster with our rescue partner Second Hand Hounds. Julie has been a life saver for us on so many occasions taking in nursing puppies, orphaned puppies, pregnant mamas, and pups needing special medical care. As Julie, and Second Hand Hounds, have done on many occasions, they came through for us, once again, and we set the wheels in motion to get Annabelle and her 8 pups to the cities and into Julie's loving care.  She was extremely skinny (a mere 35 lbs) and her ears were in horrible shape from fly bites. Yet, this angel continued to be an amazing mom to her 8 tiny pups. Annabelle has been in Julie's care for the past few weeks and her beautiful spirit and playfulness is coming alive .... She is now 51.2 lbs and foster mom Julie bought her a new collar to match her beautiful spirit ... the following is from Julie's facebook status post as she shared a recent photo of Annabelle: "Sweet Annabelle - you make me so happy and proud. With an adoption event this weekend I decided you needed a beautiful collar to match your beautiful spirit. We stopped over to get a weight update......51.2 lbs! This sweet girl only weighed 35 lbs when she came to me only 3 weeks ago - starving and nursing 8 puppies. You are going to make someone an amazing companion - you have so much joy and spirit, every day I am more amazed by you."

Julie ... you, like Annabelle are a beautiful spirit for all you do for these pups who so desperately need a little help. A heartfelt thanks to you (and Second Hand Hounds) for taking Annabelle and her pups in ...you are so right, she will, without a doubt, make someone an amazing companion :)

Annabelle when she arrived
Annabelle's poor ears (fly bites!)

Annabelle gives one of her pups a kiss the day she arrives in the city

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  1. Congrats Miss Wenda and Karen!! We are so happy for you both :) And many thanks to all who helped care of Wenda along her journey to finding her new forever home :)
    Nebraska vet