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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Update: Sky (formerly Nellie) ...

Nellie when she arrived on 2/2/13
This sweet little girl came down on the 2/2/13 transport from Leech Lake Reservation along with quite a few other pups. As always, we were greeted by the staff at the Buffalo Animal Humane Society with big smiles and excitement to meet the precious animals who we knew would get lots of love, TLC, and care AND then be placed up for adoption.

Well ... it sounds like little Nellie didn't have to wait long for her perfect family. We got the following update from her family the other day and just had to share :)

Nellie/Sky's first night in her new home
"My younger daughter and I love to look at your blog and photos! We adopted Nellie, we renamed her Sky, from the Buffalo Humane Society and she was brought down from Leech Lake in early February. We spied her photo on the AHS website within hours of it being posted and zipped out immediately to meet her. We had to wait 24 hours to play with her, so we put her on hold and drove out again the next night and brought her home with us. Our beloved 7 year old dog had died a few days before Christmas, and while we thought we would wait until summertime to get another dog, we couldn’t go home without he!

She’s kooky and sweet and trouble – all in one. But just like our kids and family, we love her all the more. She definitely wants to please and learns quickly, figured out eating shoes was not a good idea, so moved to blankets, then clothes, then newspapers, then toilet paper and beanie babies! We’re working on it, it seems a tennis ball can keep her entertained for hours. The first week she was in our home, she jumped on the bed and dropped the tennis ball on my head. I knew the advice was to ignore her, so I did. After a few minutes all was quiet, success. And then…she came back with a wet tennis ball and dropped it on my head. She plopped it in her water dish and gave it another try!!

We’re so happy we adopted her!!

"Her first morning at home. Kate thought she needed a little company!"

Sky ... almost 6 months at home!

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  1. This is such a sweet happy ending! Love the part about plopping the ball on your head and then wet the next time. Sounds like something mine would do! She's a beautiful dog!!