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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ahnung: The inspiration behind Leech Lake Legacy ... her spirit is set free ..

Ahnung at her Final Celebration - August 25, 2013
On Sunday, August 25, 2013, surrounded by friends and a community of support, the spirit of Ahnung was set free. Ahnung (means star in 'ojibway') was a Red Lake Reservation dog, abandoned with her litter of 8 puppies, a survivor of heartworm, a couple gun shot wounds, lymes and was first diagnosed with cancer in July, 2011. She was a therapy dog and touched the hearts and healed wounded spirits of at-risk youth and put smiles on the faces of her friends in hospice as they spent their last weeks/months on earth. She was a constant at the Leech Lake spay/neuter clinics and participated and attended every clinic. Her spirit and presence remained strong at our last clinic in August where she partnered with kids at the educational sessions as they worked on 'rallying' ...

Ahnung has been the inspiration and fire behind Leech Lake Legacy. She picked Legacy to join our family in August, 2011. Ahnung and Legacy were best friends, forever bonded and through Legacy we will continue Ahnung's work of leaving a Legacy of Love.

To read more about Ahnung visit:

I have shared my journey with Ahnung, and will continue to share our journey as we move to a new way of being together on Ahnung's facebook page:

Tributes to Ahnung:

My Voice T-Shirts:

Sarah Beth Photography:

Photos by Ryan of CaptureMor of Ahnung's Final Celebration:

Video Tribute by Jenny Fitzer (Co-Founder/LLL):

Miigwech ... namaste,
Marilou/LLL Co-founder and guardian to Ahnung as she walked this earth ... she will continue to be the guiding star for many ... the next phase of our journey is yet to unfold and she continues her work through her baby brother Legacy

Legacy and Ahnung (August, 2012 - Joy Session with Sarah Beth Photography)

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