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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Update: Aiden's amazing recovery thanks to Karen Good!

Aiden on 5/1/13 at Animal Care Center, Bemidji
On 5/1/13 Leech Lake Legacy/LLL received a call from Rory, Leech Lake Community Services Officer. He had picked up a young dog who obviously had mange --- a pretty severe case of mange. We immediately gave Rory the okay to bring the pup (we named him Aiden) to our partner Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji to begin treatment on mange and to get checked out by a vet. Jenny (LLL) contacted Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to see if she would be able to take Aiden. With mange, we had nowhere for the little guy to go and Karen, once again, came through for us! Miigwech Karen :)

Aiden went further up north to Red Lake in early May when his other friends from the Leech Lake Impound headed south to the cities. He has been in the loving care of Karen since then and we recently got an update from Karen on the sweet boy. Aiden (now Max) is now in a foster home with All Dog Rescue.

Aiden - 4 weeks later
"Aiden a little shep arrive on May 9, 2013 at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter.  Nancy and Tom met Karen at Animal Care Clinic to get  th little fellow with skin lesions and balding fur from the Cass Lake area.  Poor Aiden had demodex mange and had no where he could go. Leech Lake Legacy and Red Lake Rosie partnered to help Aiden get healed and get an adoption opportunity.

What a lovely boy he has become in 3 short months with daily ivermectin, antibiotics, fish oil and vitamins plus a great diet of donated grain free dog kibble. Aiden turned out to be a very lovely

dog and now has silky fur and you would never guess that he had ever had mange.

Aiden now Max left Sunday August 18th for All Dog Rescue in the foster care of John Rossakis, who made a special trip to help at the shelter, prepare for the clinic and to personally transport Aiden to

his home in Minneapolis.  I was sad to see him go as he is a very easy dog to get attached to, but so happy that he is going to a great rescue.  I want to thank John for taking many foster dogs from Red
Lake.  John said he has fostered 39 dogs from various places including Red Lake so far which is commendable.

This story is to remind us never to lose hope when it looks hopeless. Aiden is a testimony to that fact!!  We love you Aiden!

John updated us today about Aiden (now Max):

Hi Karen,
We made it back in good time and Aiden is settling in very nicely.  I re-named him Max, he likes that name.  He's getting along great with all the other animals, he's a very sweet boy.  Seems to already be
getting the hang of housetraining

Thank you Karen for all nursing Aiden/Max back to health, and thank you John (and All Dog Rescue) for taking this sweet boy into your program.

Aiden - 8 weeks later
Aiden and foster dad John
Aiden in his foster home <3

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